Glass Door, Week One.

Phew. We made it.

Last week, right around this time, my sister (Manny), our friend (Rach), my husband and I were nearly pulling an all-nighter, flipping this home into a temporary salon. The next day, Corinne and Sly Louise showed up and added to our ranks.

I simply could not have done this without them. With Bennett in full toddler mode, it just would have been impossible. From organizing the color inventory to scrubbing the bathroom grout, from practicing kitchen sink shampoos to wiping Esther’s nose prints off the doors, from leveling mirrors to testing the limits of our electricity, we got it done.

The Day Everything Changed.

Well, guys, today marks my last day at Bristles and Shears.  After eight and a half years, I’m embarking on my own adventures.  My incredibly generous, happy and amazing boss, Dianne… *sigh*- *choke up* -*regroup*  Words cannot describe my loyalty to her.  Sadly, this past December she was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and had to make the decision to go into early retirement and focus on her health.  Understandably, Dianne sold the salon to new owners.

Please Weigh In.

Hypothetically speaking, you’ve moved to a new town and now need a new hairstylist.  You’ve scoured the internet for all the help it can bring you.  A few names pop up.  Please tell me what these names suggest to you, what your heart instantly feels/senses.  Would you pursue that salon further or immediately cross it off your list based on the name alone?

But, yeah, hypothetically…