Hang On, Girl!

Early last month, my little family had the opportunity to join my father-in-law at the beach.  In addition to the perfect weather and many opportunities to cook and escape into hours of reading, another highlight was the opportunity to write a second time for The Kingdom Life Now.

Hope you enjoy my little article and the Square Piece nature in which it was written!

Oh, and if you didn’t see, we’re working on our salon website… which also features some Glass Door Salon related blog posts like this one (surprising finds in the Lost and Found), this one (a gorgeous Before and After… and After), and this one (reflecting on the loss of my role model).

Happy reading!



While two very important dates have passed, Bennett’s 2nd birthday and my and Brian’s 10th anniversary, it is a Thanksgiving conversation and two seconds of peace and quiet that have fanned my writing flame tonight.

Clark Kent to Superman.

Several weeks ago… maybe even a couple of months… the Lord blessed me with a vision of Himself through a spontaneous moment that I had with my son, Bennett.  This vision -this revelation, if you will – has sat in my heart, periodically stirring, slowly growing, carefully maturing.

It all started with those freakin’ spider crickets.  Cave crickets?  What are their names?  You know the ones that look demon possessed and indicate no clear direction of their jumping trajectory, popping as randomly as popcorn in a hot pan.  There are few things worse in this world than an unpredictable cricket.