Glass Door Salon 2.0

All of the best ideas on which I’ve ever acted have begun with my resistance.

For instance?

  • The first time my husband asked me out, I said, “No.”
  • When I felt the Lord leading me to be a hairstylist, I whined about it.
  • When Brian wanted to start a family, I pushed back.

Ew, ew, ew.

A super sweet and beautiful woman sat in my styling chair yesterday and mentioned how glad she is that I’m blogging again.

Me, too.

I told her that sometimes I don’t think there’s much to write about, but if I just make myself sit in front of my laptop, I’ll find out what’s inside.

Did you know that I’ve consulted with a physician who is recommending varicose vein removal in my right leg?  I know.  Ya’ll think I’m so cute.  

Except for the Lobsters

So it turns out that pockets of quiet are becoming more possible in the evenings!  YAY!

If there’s anything I miss about blogging, it’s figuring out how I really feel about life.  Would you believe that after writing such a raw post about my father’s abandonment, the thing that got me most wound up was the part about my brother?  I had no idea I was angry until I was literally typing it out, all twitchy, trying not to shake.  I love my Joey.  Actually, I love my Shmoey Oey Joey.  That’s what I call him.

Speaking of rage, let’s talk about Shepherd.  Lord help me, this child!