Remember when I said that Brian was out at a heavy metal concert?  Well, the man is committed to his music.  Earlier that day, he scratched the heck out of his eyeball.  Between the debris that was flying during lawn mowing and him rubbing his eye in an attempt to make it feel better… just… yikes.

Being that I was asleep when he got home, I never saw the damage until the next morning.  Even still, it was hard to “see” the damage because his eye would barely open!  Long story short, Bennett, Brian and I spent the following five hours driving around to urgent care, an eye specialist, a pharmacy and then another pharmacy (all the while wondering if he was going to lose his eyeball and live the rest of his life looking like a pirate… just in time for Bennett’s first birthday party pictures… you know, priorities…).

Praise the Lord, within hours of applying prescription eye drops, Brian’s eye looked noticeably better and continues to do so.  He literally has to apply these drops every hour and again every two hours at night.  It’s insane.

Even more insane is that he DROVE TO RICHMOND to watch a HEAVY METAL CONCERT the night that he scratched it!  Thankfully, my husband had company that could drive almost the entire way to and from being that, according to Brian, all of the stoplights looked like red and green lasers.


Oh, it just makes your stomach flip flop, doesn’t it?

Nevertheless, Brian enjoyed the show, even if he did only have one good eye.

Tomorrow ends our contest for $25 credit at Three Lil Monkeys!  If you haven’t entered yet, it couldn’t be easier!  Head on over to this post and check it out!


  1. October 22, 2013

    glad the eye is improving

    can’t wait to see who wins the contest


  2. October 22, 2013

    Very, very glad he is okay. Could have been a retinal
    tear or corneal abrasion and waiting overnight would not have been suggested, to say the least. Lucky guy!

  3. October 31, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    Wow. I didn’t even notice anything wrong with his eye at all. A pirate eye patch would be an interesting look for him but I am very glad that he healed up well. 🙂

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