Drumming Hubby.

Me: “All right, Brian, start talking.”

Brian: “About what?”

Me: “Anything blog-ish.”

*He plays guitar for a minute, silent.*

Brian: “I don’t have anything really to blog about.”

Me: “You taking your pills?”

*plays guitar, nods, yep*

*starts singing Sublime*

Brian: “What are you thinking?”

*I shook my head, shrugging.*

Brian: “I was gonna almost sing the rest of that song, but it’s not good.”

*He carried on.  He was right.  It’s not good.*

Brian: “You’ve never heard that song?  You’ve heard that song.”

Me: “What are you doing?”

Brian: “I was gonna let you hear that song.”

*He clickity-clacks on the laptop.*

*I yawn.*

*More guitar.*

Brian: “You’ve never heard that?  It used to be my favorite band for a long time.”

Me: “Will you check the dryer please?”

Brian: “Yeah.  What are you thinking?”

Me: “I’m just tired.”  (Stayed up late wrapping Christmas presents.)

Brian: “Did I make you mad by playing that song?”

*Shook head ‘no’ again.  He often mistakes my tired face for my angry face.  Even when I’m asleep.  According to my husband, “Sometimes [I] look dead.  Sometimes [I] look beautiful.  Sometimes [I] look peaceful like an angel.  And sometimes [I] look angry.  [I] look lots of different ways.”*

*Brian checks sheets in the dryer, still singing to himself.*

Brian: “What are you thinking?”

*Then he looks over my shoulder.*

Me: “You’ve just asked me what I’m thinking three times in about three minutes.”

Brian: “Don’t blog that.  You’re blogging our conversation?  …You know what would be better to blog about?  I just thought of something.  The super awesome present Bennett got this week.  The drum.  ‘Cause it was pretty cool.”

Me: “And how did you feel about the drum?”

*I asked how Brian felt about the drum because I already knew the answer.  The other day when Bennett opened this gift from his “fairy god mother,” at the time it seemed a bit like Brian didn’t want to share the drumsticks… Like he wanted to split the set between himself and Bennett.  My husband was just dying to pound away at the thing and could barely stand having to sit back and let Bennett have his toy.*

Brian: “Oh, I was coveting it.  It was just, like, the coolest present ever.  When he opened it… I was thinking the day before about buying him a drum set ’cause I was at the store, but I didn’t, and it sounds really awesome and is nicer than the one I was looking at; and he likes it and he carries his drumsticks around, like, to the babysitter’s house.”

If you pay attention, before ten seconds pass, you’ll see Brian reach for a drumstick:

Boys love their toys, right?


  1. December 20, 2013

    Brian: I certainly feel it is necessary for you to test the sound for Bennett ! Enjoy and he will love to listen to dad play,

  2. December 20, 2013


  3. December 20, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    He is so funny and coy, sucks you right in doesn’t he? I love his little outfit. And Brian’s beard!

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