Sick day.


Was so sick yesterday.

So many thoughts ran through my mind as I shivered from the fevers, body aching, head pounding.  One of them was, “How do single moms of small children do it?  Just how can they be sick and care for their kiddos?”

Fortunately Brian was home.  Poor guy was sick, too.  He’s at the tail end of his yuckiness, with barely a raspy voice left.  Bless his heart, in his shape and per my request, he ran to the store to get me some meds.  Doctor Bartlett has done such wonders for my health that I honestly can’t recall the last time that I popped an Advil.  But hey, a momma’s got to do what a momma’s got to do.

While Bennett is surely teething, so far he seems to be completely himself otherwise and I pray that he manages to avoid catching our junk.

In addition to the Advil, another shocker for me yesterday was realizing that I was getting sucked into The Godfather.  Brian’s had this AMC Godfather marathon on that I noticed here and there.  Finally I had to admit that it was drawing me in.  He had deleted the first two movies, so we watched the third one.  Wow!  What is it about The Godfather?  Great acting for sure.  Crazy Italians.

Call me a late bloomer.  What else have I missed out on?


  1. December 29, 2013

    Hope you guys are feeling better today.

  2. December 31, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    Crazy Italians! Not sure I’ve ever met an Italian who wasn’t loco. Pfft. I haven’t seen those movies either. No desire to really. I’m for sure too sensitive for them now. I’m glad Benny Boo didn’t catch the bug! Ma did though. 🙁

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