A sick boy, a grateful mom, a consistent dad and a goofy hound.

Oy.  What a night last night was!

My good friend, Katie, and I hadn’t seen each other since my 30th birthday bash, so getting to catch up over sushi (Otani, of course) was a much-needed treat.  (So was the Dragon Roll.  Never tried that.  The eel was amazing.)Dragon Roll from Otani

Brian was in charge of getting Bennett down for the night.  Imagine my surprise when I walked through the door at 10:30PM and my very awake toddler popped his head up from the couch in the living room!  Naturally, the one night that I went out would be the one night that the poor kid got some kind of a bug.  At a minimum, sweet Benny Boo threw up every hour until 4:30AM.  Sometimes every 45 minutes, sometimes every 30.  He slept in my arms and I used the potty insert to catch mostly everything.  Alas, Bennett and I went through many wardrobe changes.

Except for a lack of appetite, Bennett’s acting like nothing happened last night!  Thank the Lord that he still likes to nurse for comfort as I’m sure his gut needs the hydration and the nutrition that he’s snubbing in the form of table food (even homemade frozen yogurt!).

I don’t know how to put this and it’s going to sound awful, but there’s something about seeing my child vomiting that brings out the best in my mommy-ness.  It is my joy to comfort and reassure him that everything’s okay, even when it looks, smells and feels otherwise.

Thanking the Lord that that seems behind us.

Other updates (more pleasant than vomit):

For months Brian has been crouching on the floor, using his best “quarterback voice,” rumbling, “Downnnnnnn, setttttttttttttt, hIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIke!” at Bennett and then taking off to chase him and whisk our son around in the air.  Just yesterday, Bennett began imitating the “down” part with a perfectly positioned crouch and running at the “hike” part.  Super cute.

Brian’s been enjoying his new job and soaking in all the training that he can before the busy season is upon us.

One of my clients turned me on to this recipe and I’m thinking about making green muffins for Saint Patrick’s Day.

20140306_201425In preparation for potty training, I picked up some lap-sized books and toys at Three Lil Monkeys (even a tiny accordion!) to occupy Bennett on the pot.  Last week marked our first #2.  What. A. Thrill.  (No sarcasm here.)

Esther’s still her goofy self.  She constantly offends Bennett by plowing past him to get to me.  He’s quite indignant about her behavior sometimes.  As I looked in the backyard this morning, I realized that the hound has well established a stuffed animal graveyard of sorts.  Just a heads up: If you get Bennett a stuffed animal, Esther is operating under the assumption that they share joint custody.



  1. March 9, 2014
    Aunt Manny

    LOL, Esther. Well, I’m certainly glad that Benny Boo is feeling better today. My goodness, poor fella. I’m glad that Brian is liking his new job, too. I’ve been praying for each one of you all, always. I look forward to seeing you next Monday. Mwah! <3

  2. March 9, 2014

    Mwah from me too. Missing you and LOVING the update! Thanks for knowing we needed to hear from you and sharing!

  3. Suzy- this is what happens when parents tell us their child is in bed asleep and rylie is still running around like a crazy fool… I think she is the bad luck 😉 Soo soo sorry!
    P.s. the consignor with the accordion brought the instruction manual for it, so i will give it to you when i see you next!

  4. March 9, 2014

    So happy he is doing better now. I love reading your updates, too. 🙂

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