Turning a Corner.

Well, friends, I’m putting on my big girl pants and doing something mature!  If you’ll look to the left, you’ll see a little something new on this blog of mine!

For many months now, I’ve been considering ways that I could utilize Square Piece beyond the realm of emotional fulfillment.  I’m a part-time stylist, full-time mommy now.  Having followed other blogs here and there, I knew that advertising was an option, but –*Shocker!*– I felt incredibly picky about the process.

So many ads flash nothing but neon tackiness, distracting the reader and uglying-up the page.  And I think my page is pretty, darn it!  I was repulsed by the idea.

But then I considered the fun of having more control over the ads, hand-picking smaller businesses and carefully crafting them into my sidebar in a manner that was tasteful and honest.  Promoting a business for which I had no true appreciation felt like cheating.  I work very hard at maintaining honest transparency on Square Piece, therefore I needed to pursue some businesses that genuinely captivated me.

Eat CakeSo first you’ll see Eat Cake.  I’ve blogged Jesselyn’s artistic wonders in the past and have been thrilled to send business her way. She is to cake what I am to hair.  (I understand that you haven’t ALL had me as a stylist, but I’m all about the details, baby!)  Not only that, I’ve NEVER been anything less than floored by the actual taste of her cakes.  (Can I get an AMEN?)  They aren’t just pretty; they’re delicious!  If you’ll recall, Jesselyn gifted me my salon baby shower cake and it was absolutely adorable!

I don’t have any illusions that Square Piece has reached the masses, so soliciting monthly payment from everyone didn’t set well with me.  Instead, in this instance, we’ve arranged the “payment” of just one personal cake per year.  You guyyyyyys.  Listen.  Bennett’s turning one in October.  But being that I like the idea of making him a homemade cake, I think I’m gonna have to ask for a cake for my 30th birthday in July.  The dilemma?  Once again, I have NO idea which direction to go!  I’m definitely open to suggestions!  In keeping with a Square Piece theme, I thought about having a round, sleek, tiered cake with the top, tiny tier being a cube.  Beyond that, I’m stumped… and sleep-deprived… and did I mention stumped?

I’ll elaborate more on my friend, Ian Ivey, and his photography business soon I hope.  Let’s just say for now that I’ve been working on some projects and hope to wow you in the near future.  In the meantime, without letting the cat out of the bag, Ian is the friend who photographed our backyard concert and has also helped with a couple of salon photo shoots.  Ian has a light heart and a heavy laugh.  Check him out!

Ian Ivey Photoside Cafe

The Beauti Control link is merely a link because I have a phobia of turning into a pushy makeup lady.  (You’ve met them.  Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.)  On a regular basis, I get asked about my skin care and my makeup.  Surprise!  I’ve been a Beauti Control “consultant” for almost a decade!  When I moved to Northern Virginia, I simply didn’t have the time to keep up with the consultations and my full-time job.  The Beauti Control icon sends you to my web page where you can peruse the same products that I use, place personal orders and never have to deal with the awkwardness of me trying to talk you into something you’re not interested in.

…You’re welcome.

But, yeah, I’ve fallen in love with their microderm abrasion, their lipsticks, their Sugar cologne and a bunch of other maintenance products.  Rest assured that I’d have never maintained my consultant status if I wasn’t entirely won over by the quality of their products.

Sorry to talk your ear off today!  I so appreciate you staying the course with me and hope you don’t think that I’m a sell out!

PS: If you have a Facebook account, would you mind helping me by “liking” and/or sharing my Facebook page?  It’s helpful for future business arrangements to be able to point to an easy, numerical appeal.  Ya know?

Also, if you have a small business and are interested in a little advertisement/promotion, shoot me a message at suzy@iwantasquarepiece.com!

The usual Square Piece silliness recommence tomorrow!


  1. March 13, 2013

    You can definitely get an AMEN on the cake from me, it wasn’t just super detailed, it was super yummy! I can’t wait to try another one of her creations. 😉

    Kudos! I think you did a wonderful job of representing these businesses on your blog while keeping your integrity and squareness intact.

    Btw, I think I need some more hand scrub ….

  2. March 13, 2013

    AMEN! Jesselyn’s cake was amazing at your shower and I know I wasn’t the only one who LOVED her cake balls. You know how I love cake balls…hers were delicious <3

  3. March 13, 2013

    Your fussiness about your advertisers makes me wish I still lived in the Valley. I love that the cake maker (for your salon shower) used the bird in your inspiration piece.

  4. March 14, 2013
    Margaret Treadwell

    as a non-pushy consultant, do you also teach HOW to wear makeup….I am turning 40 (gasp) next month and I think I ought to start wearing more make-up than Burt’s Bees and a lip pencil!?

    • Ha ha. Yes, I used to do one-on-one consultations to help women feel more comfortable with their makeup routine. Perhaps we can work something out in the future. But I’ll have to restock my kit!

      • Ha! I need a session like that! My mom didn’t want me to start wearing makeup until I was oh, I don’t know–at least 16, I think. By then all my other friends had been wearing makeup for several years . . . and it was like I sort of missed the boat on learning how to apply it. I stumbled along until after Bob and I got married. When I was grumbling about putting eyeliner on during our honeymoon, he told me he liked me better without makeup, so I haven’t worn any since. But maybe he’d like it if I actually knew what I was doing, you know?! And now that I’m *40*, I think I might need some help in the facial area!

  5. March 18, 2013

    It looks great, Sue. Very tastefully done. Speaking of tasteful, Jesselyn’s cake was beautifully delicious! I will keep these ad’s in mind if I hear that anyone needs any of the sorts. 🙂

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