A title that intrigues Skyla.

Dear friends,

Remember Skyla?  The girl who used to think that I was angry all the time?

(Funny story.  Refresh here.)

Well, Skyla informed me tonight that she has subscribed to Square Piece and every day it’s sent straight to her phone.  In spite of this brilliant system, Skyla does not, in fact, read every single post every single day.  Apparently Skyla screens my blog by assessing whether or not each individual post has an attention-grabbing title.


We all know that my titles can be deceiving.

So if you’re paying attention, Skyla, or anyone else whose screening process looks an awful lot like “judging a book by its cover” (or whether it ends in something like “Part 29”), just go ahead and give tomorrow the okay.

Fair warning: the title’s going to be “Trust your gut!  Vote for Suzy.”

I promise on my precious and freckly basset hound, Esther, that in spite of the title, I will not actually be soliciting votes on any level.

I also promise on my stinky and  jumbo basset hound, Beau, that you’ll be amused to some degree.  If you’re not amused, you can have him.  (Hope you like foul odors, slobber and trash confetti.)

Holy XOXO’s,



  1. March 25, 2012


    Guts and voting …. guess I can wait a little longer ……

  2. March 25, 2012

    Haha..made my night. Funny woman. 🙂

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