Advanced people watching.

If you’re ever planning on living in West Virginia, I recommend exercising your imagination.  There’s not that much to do.  But if you’re creative, you can find ways to still have a lot of fun.  One skill that I sharpened in my teens was the art of People Watching.  I didn’t just observe people; no, I would evaluate them from a distance and then make up their life stories.

Well, during this morning’s benefit bake sale, I graduated to a whole new level of People Watching.  Rather than give an account of an individual’s life story, I surmised what his go-to dessert would be.  What’s his poison?  (This is much easier to do once you’ve had your first cup of coffee.)

Two men wearing camouflage from head to toe walked by (that’s right, we were in front of a WalMart).

I leaned over to my mother-in-law and muttered under my breath, “Chocolate chip cookies and yellow cake with chocolate frosting.”

A man wearing a beachy outfit – but no shoes – walked by.

“Rice crispy treat.”

A slow-moving, senior woman walked by (pretending not to see us).

“Banana bread.”

My sister and her friend, Rach, stopped by to visit.  I wouldn’t have pegged Rach for the carrot cake.  But, yeah, it makes total sense that Mandy would go for the Monkey Bread.  (I’ve witnessed Mandy dance, flail and grunt like an ape to the other monkeys at the zoo.  And when I say witnessed, I mean she whacked me with her ape-like gesturing because I got a wee bit too close.)

Here are my mini carrot bundt cakes and my chocolate-chocolate cupcakes:




  1. October 16, 2011

    LOL! I’ll never forget doing that at the zoo! Did we come up with the story telling thing together b/c I did that too.

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