All the Poor and Powerless.

All right.  I know that most of my Square Piece followers look forward to funny stories and amusing ironies in my life.  Me, too.  Right there with ya.

But I have a song stuck in my head.  Don’t feel badly for me.  It’s a marvelous song.  It’s so very, very wonderful.  I wish I could hear it in my head all the time because it produces such a calm feeling in my heart.  Why does it make me feel calm?  Well, because it makes me feel small in the hands of Someone so big.  And I love that Someone.  And I trust Him.  So it’s a calm that comes from a peace that comes from a Someone who’s got His eye on me.

By the way, this was the song to my brother’s first dance at his wedding.  Thanks, Joey.

Another by the way: if you go onto the iTunes store and look this up, you can get a podcast of this song for free.  It’s not the same one as the YouTube video that I’m posting here.  Enjoy a listen.

“All the Poor and Powerless”

(by All Sons & Daughters)

All the poor and powerless

And all the lost and lonely

And all the thieves will come confess

And know that you are holy

And know that you are holy


And all will sing out, Hallelujah

And we will cry out, Hallelujah


All the hearts who are content

And all who feel unworthy

And all who hurt will nothing left

Will know that you are holy



Shout it, go on and scream it from the mountains

Go on and tell it to the masses

That He is God 



We will sing out, Hallelujah

We will cry out, Hallelujah

We will sing out, Hallelujah




  1. September 29, 2011
    Momma @Donna

    really, really, really like this song!

  2. December 16, 2011

    can’t wait til the wedding video is finished … I really want to see it …. this song is just so beautiful for them and their wedding …

  3. October 20, 2012

    hey! they are my worship leaders at church!!

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