And we’re off!

Tomorrow morning Brian and I will set out for our 3rd annual road trip to Cornerstone Music Festival in Bushnell, Illinois.  I sure do love this road trip.  To me, getting there is definitely part of the vacation.  It’s such a treat to get to read, rest, plan, brainstorm about our future, look out the window, etc.  Brian understands how much I need to be the DJ, too; so that helps with the 14 hour drive.

All my homework is finished.  I’ve listened to a snippet online of every single band that will be there and have created an alphabetical word document to organize which bands are worth hearing and which bands can take the backseat.  I’ve never seen anyone else walk around the music festival with their own list of rated bands.  Do no other type A personalities attend these sort of things?

Yet every year I come home feeling a little less city, a little less regimented and a little more hippy.

Here are a few things I’m looking forward to:

  • Discovering talented, lesser-known bands
  • Stalking a few of my favorite bands
  • Getting caught up in that ‘reunion’ feeling
  • Remembering how much I love living with less everything
  • Eating a soft serve ice cream cone every day
  • Enjoying all the people watching (tattoo watching, hair watching, fashion watching)
  • Coming home with new music to use for future Christmas gifts

Brian and I ‘camp’ there for 6 nights.  We deserve a little ridicule for how easy we’ve got it though.  Even though we sleep in a tent, we still rent an RV site so that we can have water and electricity.  (We’re bringing the actual coffee pot this year!)  Before we arrive, we always stop at the last WalMart around and load up on some goodies.  I’m slightly ashamed to say that one of these goodies, for me, is a cheap full length mirror.  That’s right.  And I prop it up right next to the tent.  I’m pretty sure it’s the only full length mirror on the campground and at the entire music festival.  But I feel like my status as hairstylist enables me to get by with a little more vanity.  And while I’m sitting here trying to think of more ways to justify this, nothing else comes to mind.

I’ll be blogless for the next 9-10 days.  Sad, I know.  Square Piece seems to be keeping me sane these days.  But I promise to come back with pictures, enthusiastic recommendations and exciting stories to share.  And I have to come back.  My dogs are waiting for me.

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