Book bundle.

Well, I’ve gone and dictated the terms of this year’s Mother’s Day to Brian.  I got this email in the mail the other day and I simply cannot believe how many of these books are right up my “granola” alley!

Click on the picture and check it out!


From homemade household cleaners to freezer/crockpot meals to accommodating special diets, the bundle has it all!  (No, I don’t have any diet restrictions, but it’s nice to have references for when our guests do!)  There’s information on using proper nourishment to treat illnesses and skin conditions, feeding kids healthy diets, making healthy desserts, boosting metabolism, etc.

Thirty books for $39!  Major savings.  Gotta love that.


Just figured I’d pass along the details as I’m excited to take advantage of other people’s research!

By the way, today is the last day to head on over to this post and finish the sentence, “If my mother’s hands could talk…”  Please take a minute to consider your mom, your grandmother, some significant mother figure, etc., and participate in my first little contest/giveaway!


  1. April 21, 2013

    Savings + Books = Always a Great Idea!

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