Bradley Hathaway Show

When I was doing my homework for Cornerstone Music Festival ’09, I was meticulously running down their alphabetized list of artists, visiting each MySpace page, getting an earful and jotting down notes.

Early on, I stumbled across Bradley Hathaway.  He’s been a well known poet for quite some time now and in recent years has been delivering music to his audience as well.  His style was unlike any other artist I had ever heard!  I just couldn’t wait to tell my brother that I had discovered someone amazing!

Me, “Joey!  Have you ever heard of Bradley Hathaway?”

Joey’s expression went blank.

Joey, “Suzy.  I have already told you about him like six times.”

Then he pointed out the fact that he was wearing a Bradley Hathaway T-shirt.  …And that he owned everything Bradley had ever put out.

Me, “Oh… Really?”

(Okay.  I have a hard enough time remembering a name with a face.  I’m definitely not going to remember just a name.)

Then in the summer of ’10, I realized that Bradley’s hair looked exactly six inches longer than the last time I had seen him.

Hmmm.  One year’s growth.  Bet he needs a trim.

Being that I was volunteering haircuts for RYFO, I was sure to hunt him down.

He’s equally unusual in person as he is in art.


Ol’ Bradley Hathaway’s going to be crashing at our crib at 7:30 on Saturday, March 17th.  His acoustic set will begin after we enjoy a beautiful opening act.  Bradley’s accepting donations.  Don’t, however, let that deter you if the funds aren’t available.  Just come on over and enjoy the weirdness that is Bradley Hathaway. (<< check his MySpace page)

Friends of friends are invited.  (I want to meet your hubby, Chelsea.)

Here are a few select pieces:

My favorite (No, this is not a video that he produced.  Yes, there are Spanish subtitles.):

The World Is Screaming


One of the first ones that ever gripped me (what an acoustic show might be like):

Look Up


A poem from his earlier years (he might perform some upon request; the music at the end is treacherous):

The Annoying Hardcore Dude That Goes Too Far


  1. February 22, 2012

    LOL at Joey’s blank look and “six times”

    I just love how we communicate ….

    • February 23, 2012

      a ha ha! This made me laugh. I can just see Joey’s blank expression now.

  2. February 24, 2012

    Can’t wait!

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