Breaking the spell, part 2.

Aside from the pleasure of embarrassing myself, it is with good reason that I mentioned my former crush in yesterday’s Breaking the Spell.  You see, something happened after I wrote The Christmas Tree Incident, Part 1-5… And I wasn’t sure that the world would understand.

(There is power in confession, you hear?  Power!)

I think that the obsession with candy canes has subsided into a strong appreciation.  Don’t get me wrong, I still favor candy canes to snowmen, Santa, gingerbread men, etc.  It’s just that… Well, I don’t think I’ll be given to panic attacks if a penguin happens to be dancing with the candy canes.  There is the strangest feeling to this unexpected Christmas theme freedom; I almost feel guilty for slipping into something slightly more… sane.  (Am I betraying my candy canes?)

Okay, so one of two things has happened here: Either 1) I have so much candy cane themed decor that even with a few extra characters, the candy cane theme remains dominant and therefore remains satisfying OR 2) I broke the spell.  The insanity got confessed, laughed over, cried over, aired for the world to mock… Then, POOF!  Upon getting out the Christmas bins last week, it wasn’t such a struggle to set out the various pieces that don’t fall into the strict candy cane themed regulations.

(What is the matter with me?  It sure is a good thing that Brian remains immune to all of this spell-breaking.)

So I mentioned this mature growth spurt to a friend last week.  She laughed and teased that she’d be getting me the exact opposite of candy cane themed Christmas trinkets now.  Too soon.  I warned her to take it slow and that I do still favor the candy cane.  She carried on, “But you’ve opened a door!”

Have I opened a door?  I don’t want it opened all the way.  Oh!  Maybe my door could be more like a bathroom stall door.  You know?  The kind that still shut, but let a little more light in from the top and the bottom?  Yes.  That’s exactly how I’ve matured: from a regular door to a bathroom stall door.  Join me in my graduation, won’t you?



  1. November 14, 2011
    Momma @Donna

    open doors are good …. even if they’re sliding bathroom doors


  2. November 14, 2011
    Rebecca Ogle

    If you have not already check out the Hobby Lobby in Winchester. They had a great selection of candy cane items. And for this week they are all 50% off

  3. November 18, 2011

    A HA HA HA! Oh Sue…

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