Brian’s corn bread, minus the zombies, part 2.

Never had I anticipated that Brian’s Corn Bread, Minus the Zombies would warrant a Part 2… But what do I know?  (The answer to that would be: Clearly, not the future.)

This evening Brian and I found ourselves in a bittersweet place of service.  Bitter, because it was a funeral; sweet, because we actually had an opportunity to help.  Don’t you just feel at a loss when someone’s had a death in the family?  A loss for words?  A loss to be able to truly be of any comfort or any help in that moment?

Well, apparently some friends of ours needed help with the food element of the funeral reception (you know, replenish food, put food away, do dishes, etc.).  I’ve never been presented with a more practical way to care for a grieving family!  Naturally I had to get through my work day first.  Then early this evening I scrambled home, shoveled a sandwich into my mouth, made a quick change, rubbed Esther’s belly and sped off to the funeral reception.

WHILE drying dishes, a man (whom I do not know) grabbed a metal pan with his towel in hand.  And do you know what he said?!

Stranger man, “This is a smackin’ pan!”  And then he sort of held it like a baseball bat.

Me, immediately, “SEE!  The difference between men and women!  It’s not just Brian!  Men take cookware and want to fight people with it!”

Then I introduced him to Brian.

And speaking of Brian  (and his Corn Bread Minus the Zombies), my sweet husband is making his special corn bread for the church picnic tomorrow.  Two batches, in fact!  (I hope he gets lots of compliments.)  It’s so kind of him to do that as I haven’t had a minute to make anything worth contributing.

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  1. October 3, 2011

    I wonder if they would have a duel with a couple of rolling pins. lol 😛

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