Brian’s Interview.

Brian got wrangled by my coworkers into a secret video interview for the baby shower.  While at the shower, I was asked the same questions that he was.  Would you like to see Brian on video?

I thought so.

Here’s how he and I compared:

  • Question 1) How many children would you and Suzanna like to have?

Brian: “Uh, I don’t know.  Four?”

Me: Here’s the thing: I won’t have this conversation with Brian right now.  I just want to get through the one pregnancy first and then we can talk numbers.  I know that Brian would definitely like more than one, so I said, “Two.”  But I could have told ya he would have upped the number.

  • Question 2) What’s worse?  Messy diaper on your shirt or baby vomit on your shirt?

Brian: “Smelly diaper.”

Me: Oh, I knew FO’ SHO’ that Brian would say that.  He’s really anti-poop.  Not that I’m pro-poop, but the man gets the serious heebie-jeebies.

  • Question 3) What trait of yours do you hope Bennett has?

Brian: “Uh…  I don’t know.  …uh…  I don’t know.  Maybe, like, a good heart maybe.”

Me: I wasn’t sure if we were leaning towards a character trait or a physical trait.  In terms of physical, I said that I’d like Bennett to have Brian’s square jawline and the little gap between his front teeth; in terms of character, Brian’s generosity.  But, yes, his good heart and his generous heart go hand in hand.

  • Question 4) What trait of Suzanna do you hope Bennett has?

Brian: “Square Piece.”

Me: “I want him to love Jesus.”  (I’ll admit, it felt awkward saying that in front of a group of people, not knowing how uncomfortable my public faith might make them.  But the truth is the truth!)

  • Question 5) What have you liked the most about Suzanna while she is pregnant?

Brian: “Her glowing face.”

Me: I said that I thought he’d say my appetite or something pertaining to my growing appreciation for salty, greasy and fatty foods.

  • Question 6) If you had to give Bennett a nighttime feeding, which time would you choose?  12:30AM?  2:00AM?  3:15AM?

Brian: “12:30 AM.”

Me: I knew he’d say 12:30.  First of all, Brian’s usually still up around then.  Second of all, he sleeps like a grumpy, hibernating bear.  So, no, he wouldn’t prefer to get up in those wee hours.

  • Question 7) Are coordinating family outfits acceptable for Christmas pictures?

Brian: “No.”  (Though the paper said, “Hell no.”)

Me: Don’t be fooled.  I can change his mind.  It’s all in how I present it.

  • Question 8 ) Do you want Bennett to have your nose or Suzanna’s nose?

Brian: “Uh, Suzy’s.”

Me: I said he’d go for mine.

  • Question 9) As a hands-on dad, what will you do the most to help out?

Brian: “Clean up the house and stuff.”

Me: I think they might have skipped asking me this question, but I couldn’t be happier with his answer!

  • Question 10) When will Bennett be born and how much will he weigh?

Brian: “October 25th, 6 pounds.”

Me: I said Halloween, 7.1 pounds.  But if Bennett likes Brian’s answer better, that’s okay, too!


  1. September 11, 2012

    What a relief!! I thought you meant a JOB interview!

  2. September 11, 2012

    This was awesome! what a great idea for a baby shower. 🙂

  3. September 11, 2012
    Joan Dedman


  4. September 11, 2012

    While still being a man, Brian is so dear.

  5. September 12, 2012

    Instead of worrying about matching outfits at Christmas, I’d concentrate on Brian’s “poop” problem. Dirty diapers, from your son/daughter are ‘roses’ in disguise 🙂

  6. September 12, 2012

    Me: “I want him to love Jesus.” (I’ll admit, it felt awkward saying that in front of a group of people, not knowing how uncomfortable my public faith might make them. But the truth is the truth!)

    Even if the shower attendees were not in agreement, it would be pitiful for them to feel you could not be honest. Anyone who would want you to hide something so important to you, has a big problem with life as we wish it could be.

  7. September 16, 2012

    🙂 Square Piece, that made me tear up a little. :’-)

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