Busy Sunday.

Yipes!  Almost missed posting today!

Though I’ve got some good excuses:

I was up by 6:30AM frantically trying to get ahead on my shades.

I was getting ready for church by 7:30AM, including printing music to help me lead worship.

I was rushing to show up by 8:30AM until I realized that we weren’t practicing music until 9:00AM.

That fortunate mix-up meant that I actually was able to sit down and eat the breakfast that Brian made me instead of shoveling it in while braiding my hair.

Once church let out, I immediately ran home with my friend, Bree.  After a whirlwind of changing my clothes and hunting down tissue paper, we left to visit our friend Adele.

Couldn’t stay in that cute skirt all day ’cause the forecast was making mention of snow (snow that never showed).

Adele just had shoulder surgery, so her 40th birthday was spent in a recliner on pain meds.  Needless to say, we came bearing balloons, flowers and smiles.

Once home, I went back to work on the Roman shades.

Square Piece is quite content right now as the shades are finally UP.  Did I mention finally?  Finally!

Yet though the shades are finished, there’s a teeny something that I want to do to complete the look, so no tutorial until it’s perfect!

I have to thank my husband for bearing with me.  I’ve been so, um…, moody over this situation.  Every spare minute that I wasn’t at work was spent on the shades.  I’ve neglected so much housework!  Literally the second that Brian snapped the last piece into place, I started bustling around the living room, gathering trash and putting our house back in order.  Fortunately, Brian’s been so gracious about the house, my obsessive tendencies and the snappy outbursts.

Ahhh, rest again.

Just had to keep reminding myself that my hope was not in myself; it was in the Lord.  My satisfaction was not in the shades; it was in the Lord.  My peace was not in the tidiness; it was in the Lord.

It’s easy to lose sight of that.



  1. February 19, 2012

    like, like, love

  2. February 20, 2012

    i cant WAIT to see them! and praise Jesus for rest. what a great gift. great enough even for the Father to appreciate.

  3. February 20, 2012

    Do we get shade pictures? So happy you can now afford some down time. OCD, regardless of how much faith we possess, is very time consuming.

  4. February 20, 2012

    Yay! I’m glad that you finished the blinds! Now, don’t replace that obsession with a new one. Take a break from the crazy…. 😛

  5. February 20, 2012

    HOORAY!!!! I’m so excited to see the finished product!!! I enjoyed our car ride yesterday and getting to visit with friends. I have to see a picture of them or you have to let me swing by ;0)

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