Can you guess what this picture is?

Many mornings I find myself sitting on my couch, staring at a blank screen and wondering what to write.  Today, not so much.

On this day I am faced with several interesting topics about which I could blog.

We’ve got:

  1. How stoked I am for our backyard concert this evening
  2. How I met my husband at Walmart exactly eight years ago
  3. Where I was ten years ago when I got wind of the terrorist attacks

Well, regarding number one, if you read “When Italian instincts fog my sensibilities, part 2,” I think you’ll be all caught up.

Regarding number two, you know, I think I’m going to keep that one locked up for a while.  It takes a very special string of events to discover a husband-to-be at Walmart.  As I always say, Walmart really does have everything.

Then there’s number three.  My story isn’t as interesting as others’.  Instead of getting in the pool for aqua aerobics class at college, my instructor just had us all cram into her teeny office to watch the news instead.  (For the record, we had to have a physical class our freshman year.  Unfortunately archery was already full.)

So instead, before I go poop scoop the yard for our guests, why don’t we play a game?  Check out this picture below.  Can you guess what this is?  Take a long, hard look.  What happened here?

Did someone spill some V8?  Nooooo…

Did a leaf leave an impression on an old rug?  Nooooo…

Did something catch on fire?  Nooooo…

Were kids messing around with markers?  Nooooo…

This is actually my shower towel post-turban-head-wrap.  Now that I’m a redhead (please enjoy “…don’t say anything at all” before discouraging me),  I’m so much more entertained by my shower routine.  First of all, thanks to the continual stream of bleeding dye, from start to finish I look like I’m standing in a tub of diluted koolaid.  Second of all, I get to enjoy seeing what new and artistic patterns emerge on our towels once they’ve been wrapped around my head for a few minutes.  (These are grungy towels anyway.)  Perhaps I could go to the Museum of Modern Art and display a sequence of towels.  Or maybe one day the face of Jesus will be impressed in copper on my towel and I’ll get to sell it for millions…!


  1. September 11, 2011

    had fun today… glad we came

  2. September 13, 2011

    Oh yeah, I’m familiar with the towel thing.

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