Card game brutality.

One of my goals every week is to make sure that I have social plans on Saturday night.  Being that I work Tuesday through Saturday, my Saturday is like everyone else’s average Friday.  So for me, it’s TGIS, not TGIF.  If I succeed in not being a homebody, my reward is that the entire weekend feels twice as long.

I definitely consider tonight a success.

It’s not often that my littlest brother and sister get to come spend the night at our house.  Brian picked them up while I got dinner started (turkey kielbasa and spinach tortellini – it’s always a hit).  Not only was I blessed by the company of my siblings, but my chipped mug friend, Sherri, and her guy joined us, too!  And if that wasn’t enough fun, our summer neighbor, Dave, joined in on the fun.

And by fun, I mean brutality.

Have you ever played Egyptian Ratscrew?  I have NO idea where the name came from.  (And I need to go to bed, so it’s not worth googling right now.)  This is an aggressive, tense and hilarious card game (given the right company).  As you may know, I’m competitive.  Unfortunately so was everyone else playing the game.

Exhibit A)

Exhibit B)

I wish I could say that these are my winning battle scars.  Alas, I’m only a half-winner tonight.  But nobody needed to add salt or pepper to my dinner, so I kind of feel like a 3/4 winner.

But wait.  My World Peace Salad (totally blog-worthy story) was enjoyed by all.   …So maybe I’m a 98% winner.

Oh, and my mom sent the kids up when some pretty rocking birthday gifts.  Yep. I’m a winner.  100%.

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