*Clink clink* in the shower.

Have you ever stepped into your shower and then heard a *clink clink*?

This happens to me sometimes. And nothing is wrong with the shower. There are certain factors that have to align perfectly in order for the *clink clink* to happen.

These factors align for us on a regular basis.

1) You need to sleep naked.
2) Your partner needs to sleep clothed, specifically in the clothes they were wearing that day. Because if they stuffed their pockets with all the loose change they received in a day, then all of that change would have the opportunity to fall out of those same pockets at night.

My body must be some sort of magnet for loose change. Dimes, nickels… They suction to me at night, yet I am ever too bleary in the morning to attend to this. So every now and then when I step foot into the shower and hear a *clink clink*, I look down and see a quarter in the tub. No, it’s not that my body is producing and ejecting quarters. It’s that I’ve been walking around that morning – completely unaware – with one stuck to my rear end.

I sort of feel like the opposite of a gum ball machine.

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