Day Care Report

There were a few unexpected blessings that took place on Tuesday evening.  First of all, I made it out of work a tad early (always a treat!), which meant that I had time to accompany Brian in picking up our son after his first day of day care.  Naturally, I was eager to get Bennett into my arms and to discuss with Tara, our day care provider, how he held up.

And discuss we did.  But do ya know what else she did?  She filled out a little report, logging the finer details of his time with her!

Details?!  Are you kidding me?!  Square Piece LOOOOOOOOOOVES details!  Match made in heaven, I tell ya.

So, like a mother hen whose chest is about to burst in pride, do you mind if I share those details with you?

Tara indicated:

  • when his diaper was changed.
  • whether the diaper was just wet or if we really got our money’s worth.  (That’s what ‘BM’ means, right?  ‘Big Money?’ *wink*)
  • what time he napped.
  • what time he woke from his nap.
  • when he ate.
  • how many ounces he ate.

But what was especially sweet to this mommy’s heart were the comments that she took the time to write:

Bennett’s morning was good.  He only fought his nap for about 5 min.  The afternoon was not as smooth.  He fought his nap harder + longer but eventually began to give in @ 1:15pm.  He finally had his “mommy meltdown” just before 3pm when he was super hungry but mad it was not mommy.  But he soon realized it was yummy and sucked it down – ALL OF IT (with a burp in the middle).  So happy + playful + smiley when he was finished and full.  🙂

Oh, you guys…  I don’t know if everyone’s child care provides these sorts of reports, but I am so grateful to have this recorded and to get to tuck this precious, little piece of paper into a spot that holds the most cherished possessions.

Our walk to day care:

Our walk from day care:


  1. March 7, 2013

    Happy, happy, happy!!!

  2. March 7, 2013
    Joan Dedman

    I am so happy that all went well! As you know I was a director of a daycare for about 8 years before moving to preschool director. The report Tara gave you means that she is a PROFESSIONAL! some people do not give daycare providers enough credit. I am glad the report was a surprise for you. I always told and showed parents what kind of info they would get at the end of the day. So important to know if they did not nap long or eat well,…. happy, happy day.

  3. March 11, 2013

    Aww Squishy. <3 I love that they are so thorough. How comforting to a parent.

  4. March 19, 2013

    When I took Cleo to Doggy Day Care I got the same type of summary. Would you believe? Sad, with her leg injury she can’t still attend. Used to really look forward to these notes. Don’t mean to compare, but she is our baby, you know. Even at 14! Had to smile when I saw Bennett’s. Great they do for infants as well 🙂

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