Dear Spam / Comment of the Week

Somebody pointed out the spinach in my teeth.  That’s true kindness.

Today’s Comment of the Week comes from Kadi in reply to Our Blessed Easter Weekend, Part 4:

What lovely ideas for celebrating Easter and creating your own family traditions! :)

PS. Many months ago I Googled diy bamboo blinds and stumbled on you blog and immediately started to follow you! You are an excellent story teller and very hilarious! :) :) Even my husband is a secret fan, every time I laugh too loud he’s like “is it THAT blog again??” :) :)

What I actually wanted to say that is that those pictures are GINORMOUS in Google Reader. HUGE. I think you need to do something differently in future posts.

Thanks for sharing you awesomeness!

Fan from Estonia, Tallinn :)

Dear Kadi,

How lovely to meet you!  Thank you for expressing the ways in which you’ve enjoyed Square Piece.  It warmed my heart to read this after Bennett thoroughly spit up on me at 4:30 this morning.  It’s nice to see the DIY shades getting some attention, especially since they utterly wiped me out in my earliest, didn’t-even-know-I-was-pregnant-yet state.  I’ve had many women tell me that they read some posts to their “secret fan” husbands.  This cracks me up!  But given the material that Brian often puts at my feet, I don’t see any reason why Square Piece couldn’t appeal to both genders!

I had no idea that the pictures came across as being so gigantic since this has never been reflected on my Mac.  Though it makes sense now that I think about it.  When I include a photo in a post, I have the option to choose small, medium, large or full size.  Large and full size never appeared to show any difference on my end, so often I don’t bother adjusting the size.  Fully noted.  Will attempt to remedy this in future posts!  I went back and downsized yesterday’s photos to regular, ol’ “large.”  How’s that for you?

Feel free to offer your positive criticisms in the future (especially if there’s a grave or not-so-grave grammatical or punctuational error)!  The inclusion of all of the smiley faces definitely softens the blow! *wink*

Did you ever end up making your own window treatments?  What did you do?

Holy XOXO’s,


And we can always count on the spam around here to be as subtle as ever.

Today’s Spam of the Week comes from expejuppy in reply to Odds ‘n Ends:

Tyya’s dad won’t take anything befitting at the set aside – no ice cream, no sweetmeats, no cookies. But when the saleslady puts a valuation sticker on Tyya’s nose, Daddy is done stiff to pervert something textile

Dear expejuppy,

I’m very concerned, mostly for Tyya.  Truly I can’t even tell if this is a perverted or mostly innocent comment.  A diet without ice cream and cookies is certainly no diet for me!  But – I’m almost afraid to ask – what on earth is a sweetmeat? 

Holy XOXO’s,



  1. April 6, 2013

    Sweetmeat is like candied fruit.

    I love that you are gathering new fans. 🙂

  2. April 6, 2013

    You are making the world smaller and more connected. Estonia!

  3. April 8, 2013

    Love how you gained an unexpected fan. It’s neat how you can reach so many via the blog. That’s pretty cool. 🙂 Oh and that spam comment made no sense to me whatsoever. Are they even forming complete sentences?

  4. April 11, 2013

    Thanks for the reply! 🙂 In new posts picture size is perfect!

    My bamboo blind is the rolling kind. I was thinking of making it a roman blind and lining it. Shouldn’t be tooo difficult. But as always, I am still dreaming and thinking it over. I did manage to finish the ever popular “roman blind from miniblinds” for my walk in closet. Looks great, but not happy with how annoying it is to use the cords from behind the blind.

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