Dear Spam/Comment of the Week, Part 2.

My beloved Square Piece readers,

Today Brian and I are getting away for a three night trip in Old Town Alexandria.  We’re carefully dipping our toes into the world of traveling with children, being sure to stay close enough to home in the event that I have a meltdown, that Bennett has a meltdown or that we’ve forgotten something critically essential.  That said, when we return, we’ll be diving headfirst into some early Christmas get-togethers with our families.  It’s unlikely that I’ll succeed in posting a daily blog until Christmas.  Brian will most certainly appreciate having my undivided attention at this time as he did last year when I “gifted” him some absence from Square Piece for the holidays.  So please enjoy today’s post and hopefully we can catch up soon!

Merry Christmas!

Comment of the Week:

This week we’re looking at Manny’s reply to Dear Abby… er, Abbie, Part 2.:

“He is so cute in this picture! Love it. You know, I think in lieu of recent events, I can honestly say that more parents should have smothered their kids with sloppy love. Maybe then we wouldn’t have the tragedies we have now. :( God + sloppy love= people filled with self worth. :)

Dear Manny,

Yep.  I think I’d rather err on the side of love.  When in doubt, love some more.  

Holy XOXO’s,


A second comment I appreciated is from Kennera on last week’s Dear Spam:

“Spammers are computers. I’m convinced.”

Dear Kennera,

I thought computers were smart!  *wink wink*

I always just assumed that they were people, foreign, who uploaded what they wanted to say into some translating doohickey.  Then they took their translation to an online thesaurus and chose bigger or fancier words as substitutes.

Who knows?  I’d certainly be more comforted if there were more computers and fewer people behind this nonsense.

Speaking of this nonsense…

Spam of the week:

 From Wedding Dress in response to Mister Brian:

 “Observe up the monumental hunk of process, I show handful points on this internet site also I deem that your net scene is rattling stimulating furthermore has places of splendid news.”

Dear Wedding Dress,

 If by “monumental hunk” you’re referring to my husband, Brian, then I think we’re on the same page!  And, yes, when I pulled that prank, it was a “rattling stimulating” experience for him.  Minutes after I had scared him, I still heard him muttering “Mister Brian” to himself, complete with the El Salvadoran accent.  Keep checking back for more “splendid news” OR you could just subscribe for email notifications!

Holy XOXO’s,





  1. December 19, 2012

    So glad you two can getaway. Can’t wait to squeeze that baby.

  2. December 19, 2012

    Have a wonderful time. If you haven’t gone before, visit Torpedo Factory. One of my friends, Jill, is an artist there and I love the place.

    Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to all of you.

  3. December 19, 2012

    Have fun ! Ditto on Torpedo Factory.

    I agree on spammers. I have to laugh at some of the comments I get.

  4. December 31, 2012

    Awww Sue, thanks! It IS better to err on the side of love indeed! Spam isn’t computers? Spam is weird. Who has time for that? And how do they get into your SqPc? So odd. Bah ha ha “Mister Brian”…. Still cracks me up.

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