Deep inhales and cajun seasoning.

Rarely do I take a walk for my own benefit.

I walk for Esther.

I walk for Bennett.

I walk for “us.”

By “us,” I mean that I walk for the sake of having uninterrupted conversation with my husband.

Last night’s walk fell under all three categories AND the fourth and slightly selfish category of “I Walk For ME.”

Though I’ve been back to work for half a year now, there are still days when I miss Bennett more than usual.  So once I got home last night, I suggested to Brian that we all head outside and take a walk.  This time, however, no strollers or buggies were required.  No, I wanted that baby all smushed up in my arms and on my side.  The fuzzy softness of his hair NEEDED to be up against my cheek.  By the time that we made it back home, even after sharing the babe with a couple of neighbors, I had been able to breathe him in deeply enough that Bennett had effectively warmed my soul.

Now I’m ready to commence the bedtime routine, I sighed to myself.  Just couldn’t have jumped straight into it without a little quality time first.

But then Brian asked about dinner.

Having no plans whatsoever, I promptly thawed some ground lamb and began slicing some zucchini and yellow squash.  The meat cooked up in a skillet with a bit of organic coconut oil, organic cajun seasoning and freshly ground sea salt.  The veggies sautéed in a pan with salt, pepper and homemade butter.  When the meat was finished cooking, I transferred it over to the veggies, leaving the juices behind in the skillet.  Adding to it a bit of organic flour, followed by some whole milk, salt and more cajun seasoning, I quickly whisked up a yummy sauce to pour over the meat, veggies and about a cup of leftover brown, sprouted rice.

According to Brian, this one was a winner!  Only took about 20 minutes, too!  Woot woot!

I’ll probably puree some leftovers for Bennett tomorrow and see how he likes the dish.  So far, he’s been a wonderful eater, trusting my flavor combinations.  Sure hope that keeps up!


  1. August 31, 2013

    Love this!

  2. September 2, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    You know, I really loved that chance to have Benny Boo fall asleep in my arms. What an amazing moment. So sweet. Breathe in the baby smells and sit in uninterrupted quiet. You must miss that a lot some days, especially when you are at work. No doubt. And homemade butter? You are so talented, Sue. <3

  3. September 6, 2013

    Thank you for making me reflect, man…I really need to work on my obedience to B, ugh…you essentially modeled what it is to be a Godly wife in this post, and sadly I need to work on it…first confession, I loathe the question, what’s for dinner? Especially, after a long day at work. The odds I could whip together a masterpiece like you did in under 20 minutes is doubtful, but more accurately impossible. 😉 I appreciate the opportunity to reflect! Hugs 🙂

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