End of 2016 Update

The busier I get, the more I miss blogging!  Square Piece is therapy!  I don’t want to make any promises, but in the near future, I’ll be reevaluating my time commitments with the hopes to get back into something consistent with Square Piece, even if it’s a once a month post.  Just… something.

Last month, Brian and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary.  I don’t know how you can be married 12 years and still be in your young twenties…  Oh, yeah, that’s right.  I’m a grown up.  Doesn’t always feel that way!  Anywho.  We went to my favorite sushi place, Otani, so that I could get my fix and so that Brian could enjoy the hibachi grilled food.  It struck my fancy to order a glass of raspberry sake.  Reminder: I’m a lightweight.  Half a glass in, I started comparing the roles of our relationship to sandwich condiments.  Not even joking.  The conversation went something like this:

Brian: What are you thinking?

Me: I was thinking, I’m like mustard and you’re like mayonnaise.

Brian: Mayonnaise?!

Me: Yeah.  I’m the mustard.  I’m zippy.  I’m present.

Brian: Present?

Me: Yeah, everyone knows I’m here.  But you’re the mayonnaise.  You’re what makes it work.

My heart was in the right place and I stand by my analogy!

In other anniversary news, tomorrow marks my 13th year as a hairstylist!  Back then I was an apprentice.  Now I’m a hairstylist, American Board Certified Haircolorist, and salon owner!  I wonder what another 13 years will look like!  Most people in my life already know this, but I recently had to let go of my full-time stylist.  It was sobering to have to do that for the first time, but there was peace in the decision.  (It wasn’t emotional or personal.  Just came down to warnings and policies, etc.)  That created availability for a new position in our sweet, little salon.  The interview process was grueling and enlightening!  I’m happy to announce that I will be taking an apprentice under my wing!  Lindsay nailed the interview AND, when she returned for a technical interview, I watched her as she engaged behind the chair for a simple trim.  That trim was better than cuts I’ve seen 10 year veteran stylists pull off and – Get this! – it was only the FIFTH haircut she had ever done on a human being IN HER LIFE.  Potential out’ the ying yang.  Check back on our salon blog for Lindsay’s formal introduction!

In family news, the boy and the babe are great.  Good riddance to the threes!  Bennett turned four and I could not be more thankful!  Whoever says “terrible twos” has not seen what “threes” are capable of!  Holy freakin’ moly.  These days Bennett asks a lot of life questions.  I’m starting to tally all the ways in which I might be traumatizing him as I attempt to satisfy his curiosity.  Remind me to tell you about “ribs.”

Shepherd is a total sweetheart, currently 4 1/2 months old.  He’s laid back, smiley, routine-based, and overall just a fabulously good baby.  I thoroughly delight in him.  We all do.  To date, there’s been no jealousy on Bennett’s part.  On the contrary!  The battle isn’t making sure Bennett feels included, the battle is managing the 4 year old maple-syrup-and-dirt tornado that’s trying to pry the nursing baby out of my arms so he can touch his eyeballs.  For example.

Love to you all.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!



  1. November 30, 2016

    So happy to see this update. Looking forward to seeing how the future unfolds for all of you.

  2. November 30, 2016
    Aunt Manny

    A wonderful recap! I do miss your writings. And I can’t wait to see you and your boys again! Mwah!

    Rum tummy tummy. ????

  3. November 30, 2016

    Thanks for the update. It’s great to hear the latest and greatest. I agree with you; threes are worse than twos. Ellen and Robin were great two year olds but challenging three year olds!

  4. November 30, 2016

    Suzy! So glad to see another post from you! I sure do miss reading about your adventures. The oldest of the two I nanny turned 4 two weeks before Bennett and it is SO TRUE! Terrible twos ain’t got nothing on 3 year olds! Take care!

  5. December 1, 2016

    What a lovely Chtistmas gift. Hope your holidays are fabulous! ❤️

  6. December 1, 2016

    Always uplifting to see your blog. I miss you 🙁
    Have a Merry Christmas!

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