Father’s Day.

So Father’s Day has come and gone.  If you’re wondering why I didn’t acknowledge it in the slightest, it’s not because I’m avoiding thinking about Charley.  I just don’t know what day it is, what the time is, what month we’re in, etc.

And I wish that I had a more impressive celebration about which I could tell you, but we’re fairly nonchalant around here.

You know Brian.  He’s like a kid.  The man can’t wait two minutes for a gift once he knows it’s got his name on it.  So the sweet, personalized travel mug with pictures of Bennett all over it?  Yeah, he got that before Mother’s Day.  And the new Listener album he wants?  It comes out tomorrow.

Lord willing, we’ll be going out with his dad and stepmom tonight to have a more colorful and tasty celebration!

My mom actually wrote up Father’s Day from her perspective.  You can read Momma’s post here.

What did you guys do?

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  1. June 17, 2013

    Thanks to God, it was more bearable than I could ever have hoped.

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