Finding my square piece at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

I just had the most fun that a square piece like me could possibly have at Bed, Bath and Beyond!

Brian and I are attending a wedding reception next weekend, so I needed a gift from the registry.  With my 20% coupon in hand, I found the appropriate help, obtained the appropriate list and headed to the appropriate aisle.  Without giving the gift and the price away, let’s just say that I got two of something for a little more than what one of something would have cost.

But here’s where it gets good: As I finished checking out, the cashier informed me that I could wrap my gift at the gift wrap table (using their supplies) for free.

Me, “Ok.  I’ll check it out.”  But I probably won’t want to use their stuff.  I like customizing everything and making it special.

You know, I was wrong.  The wrapping paper is actually quite nice and quite wedding gift appropriate.  Plus, there was plenty of tape, which makes for excellent gift wrapping.  (There’s never enough tape around when I need it!)  Now, I love to wrap presents.  Do you know this about me?  LOVE TO.  It’s so soothing to my soul to be so methodical, to crease the pretty paper, to measure/cut/tape and to make all the 45 degree angles.  *sigh*  For the record, I’m not too humble to brag that I wrap one heck of a present.

Well, don’t you know that a woman approached the table and observed my mad gift-wrapping skills?  Her name is Sylvia.  She’s from Peru and she’s awesome.

Sylvia, “I’m going to watch you because I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Me, “Okay!”

Am I the luckiest girl ever!?  Not only do I LOOOOOOOVE wrapping presents, but now I have an apprentice!

Sylvia, “That looks so nice!  Did you work at a department store?”

Me, “No.  I just reallllly love Christmas.”

(Square Piece followers, hold on to your butts.  You have no idea just how much I love Christmas and how hard it is for me to pace my storytelling!  I’m literally counting down the days until I can decorate my tree.)

Well, I finished wrapping my gift.  With all the admiring and niceness in the air, I just couldn’t leave Sylvia to wrap her gift alone.  No, I proceeded to walk her through her own gift wrapping so that she, too, could master the fine art of pretty-paper folding and taping.  (Her Christmas tree is going to rock this year, I just know it.)  If there’s one thing I love more than gift wrapping, it’s teaching  period.  I’ll teach just about anything if I know enough about it and be tickled pink to do so.  Maybe it’s because I’m so specific and like seeing other people benefit from specific enlightenment.

Anyhow.  I showed her how to measure her wrapping paper (so as not to have excess).  Then I indicated which sides she needed to fold (so that she could do it herself… Next time she’ll remember better if she does it herself!).  Then I held down various sections so that she could place the tape just so.  It was like a dance.

I felt less sure about the ribbon, but we gave it a shot.  Sylvia seemed impressed as she admired, “It looks so elegant!”


And we all lived happily ever after.





  1. August 19, 2011


  2. August 19, 2011

    Will the tree be up before halloween?

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