Square Piece got that crazy look in her eye yesterday and began purging the kitchen drawers of useless papers, old receipts, takeout menus and the like.

Earlier that morning, I had dressed my son in his Fledge onesie.  My dear friend, Abbie, is in the band Fledge and sent him that outfit a while back.  (It still fits thanks to my onesie extenders!  Such a cool baby shower gift!)

Fledge onesie

Along with that onesie (it’s kinda hard to see in this pic, but there’s a winged pony thinking musical thoughts and “fledge-ling” beneath it), she wrote a little note on the back of this sticker:

band Fledge sticker

Fledge note

If you can’t tell, the note reads:

Hey Suzy, Thanks so much for your support.  We love your blog.  Hope your son can use this.  It’s ok if it’s a “nobody will see him today, I didn’t need a cute outfit” onesie.  Or one to eat spaghetti in.  Won’t bother us.  


It’s stuff like that that just makes me love them more.  A humble heart is so attractive to me!  Gah, if they didn’t live so far away in Texas, we’d be hosting another concert at our house!

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  1. November 22, 2013

    Love that picture! might have to steal it for my profile 🙂

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