Football season.

Am I going to be a terrible parent?  …Because I laughed my butt of at this last night:

Ahhhh, football season, the fifth season of the year.  It’s not marked by colors changing on the trees or a certain crispness in the air.  It’s marked by drama, lots and lots of drama.

You might not know this about Square Piece, but I do love me some football.  Mmmhmm.  As a child, I watched along with the family but had no idea what was really going on.  To me, football made about as much sense as watching two people speak Korean to one another.  Perhaps the body language would clue me in on the mood of the conversation, but clearly I was missing 99% of the point.

Then I married Brian.

It didn’t take but a week or two until I realized that he and I had nothing in common.  No seriously.  Nothing.  How this seemingly important factor escaped my awareness prior to walking down the aisle, I’ll never know.  (It’s long since been remedied.)

The only common denominator that barely applied to the both of us was an interest in the Redskins.  Brian was a true believer.  I?  Well, I was sort of a generational believer (much like someone who says he’s a Christian because his parents and grandparents were, but has never actually explored the faith himself).

Pa loving the Redskins + me loving Pa = me rooting for the Redskins my whole life.

In an attempt to spend better quality time with Brian, I had him explain football to me.  Being a quick learner, it wasn’t long before I was yelling at the television and getting quite fired up myself… perhaps a little too fired up.  In fact, on some Sunday afternoons, if the Redskins lost, I’d have to go “walk it off.”  It wasn’t so much the losing that would enrage me as much as the fact that I wasted three hours watching them lose.

In the last couple of years, Brian and I have scaled back our football viewing considerably; he, to make more productive use of his time and me, because I have issues with the owner of the Redskins (he’s a “double dipper“, suing fans who are delinquent on their season ticket payments for the full amount due and then turning around and selling those same tickets, collecting twice the value).  Presently, I’ve deemed myself an “inactive fan.”  I’m not necessarily rooting against the Redskins, but I refuse to be so emotionally (and especially financially) invested.  For now, I just enjoy the game all around.

Considering the fact that Brian and I are about to be homebound for some time with a newborn, he and I have decided to hook our cable back up so that we can enjoy some cheap football date nights.  (We don’t watch much TV at all and have been fine with just Netflix and Hulu for about the last year.)  Hopefully Bennett will find the football background noise to be like unto a lullaby.  Perhaps he’ll inherit my fondness for what I like to call “The Third Quarter Snooze.”

There’s just something about the third quarter that makes me so drowsy…

But, yeah, I’m kinda bummed for Chris Cooley.


  1. August 29, 2012

    So, are you not going with the Giants for your team this year?

    I think Charley has found a way to invest in a 1st quarter snooze, 2nd quarter snooze, halftime snooze, 3rd quarter snooze and partial 4th quarter snooze ….. something to do with a magical reclining chair. 🙂

  2. August 29, 2012
    Nicole K.

    I just told my husband the other day that there is something about the sound of a football game on in the background that makes for a perfect nap!

  3. August 29, 2012

    Ok so I laughed at the video for a few reasons.

    I had no idea who Chris was until last night and a ten year old knows who he is. Second is that Justin had a huge wipe off board and a key to show me all the INS and outs of football.

    I feel bad for this child. His world is crashing down. I think he night have to “walk it off.?”

  4. August 29, 2012

    Who is Chris Cooley? No, seriously, remember I’m lost in Atlanta, so we don’t hear much about the Redskins. These people seem fascinated with the Falcons or something like that.

  5. August 29, 2012

    I am a bandwagon Redskins fan. I really WANT to cheer for them, but they find so many ways to disappoint me time and time again. I totally get angry for wasting 3 hours watching them loose but don’t mind a bit wasting 3 hours watching them win.

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