Giving Jesus ice cream for his birthday…

December 1st is here.  Hold on to your butts.  (Right, Manny?)

This past Sunday I grilled my little bro and sis on their wardrobe needs for Christmas.  I’ve already given my mom and Charley their Christmas gifts.  Brian and I have already exchanged gifts, too.  My sis, Manny, and my bro, Joey, are easy-breezy to shop for; and Brian helps me shop for the in-laws.  There are still some dear friends in my life on whom I’d love to lavish my appreciation and joy…

But on this day, December 1st, it’s time to start thinking about my birthday gift for Jesus.  Typically I begin mulling over the possible New Year’s resolutions I’d like to set for myself.  (And I’m a stickler about my resolutions.)  But ya know, my friend, Adele, told me that she gives a birthday gift to Jesus…  And I just think that’s brilliant.  (Her blog is dear and transparent.  You might enjoy it!)

Let’s think about this for a sec.

So far the year 2012 hasn’t done anything for me.  What do I owe it?  Nothing.  Maybe you’re thinking New Year’s resolutions are for me and not for the year.  Okay, sure.  But I can talk myself out of anything, and with a darn good argument at that.  But Jesus…  He’s a man I love.  And knowing that He’s standing by the Father, interceding for me, makes me want to make my entire life a gift to Him.  Some might call this living a life of worship.  Some might call this a living sacrifice.  And I want all of those things to be true of me.  But on December 25th, I’m going to pick something specific and I’m going to call it a birthday gift for Jesus.

Last year Adele gave Jesus ice cream for Christmas.  Sound crazy?  If so, then that’s my kind of crazy.  Maybe she couldn’t just give up ice cream for herself.  But she could give it up for Jesus; because she knows what He’s given up for her.

My gift isn’t going to be ice cream.

I haven’t made up my mind.  But rest assured, you’ll be in the loop.

Do you have any gift ideas for me or for yourself?


  1. December 1, 2011

    An anonymous gift to someone that can’t return it … something they really need to cheer them up and let them know the Lord cares for them. And then ….. follow up on that gift, every month for the entire year. Sort of like being a secret sister, but never revealing who you are ….

  2. December 5, 2011

    HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS! Hmmmm, I’ve been working on the personal space thing…… Did I mention that I am slightly claustrophobic?

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