Glass Door, the Toddler, My Hair and Two Spaces after a Period.

“So how’s the garage coming along?”

This is the most frequently asked question in my life right now.

In short, our contractor, Eddie, has rocked out some awesome framing.  I’m so tickled that I can walk through the garage and feel out the true space of the studio and all its parts (reception, bathroom, back room, waiting/color processing area, two stylist stations).  It feels good.  Next up: electrical work.  I’m told that our electricians are bogged down with school projects right now, so I feel like I’m at the bottom of the totem pole in regards to importance.

That said, all of these delays are giving me time to mull over the finer details that had been placed on the back burner.  After much tossing, turning and countless hours of lost sleep, I’ve finally decided that I’m okay with beginning in a studio that isn’t perfect and finished.  There are just some decisions that I think we need to make once we’ve tried it on for size.  The way I see it, once I start reaching for objects that aren’t there, I’ll begin to compile a list of finishing touches, touches that I couldn’t have foreseen without living in the space for a while.

So that’s the update on Glass Door Salon.  We’re busy, busy, busy and Corinne has grown so much in her confidence behind the chair!  It’s tickles me so to be at a place in life where I can train somebody.  Next month we’re set to attend a hair show in Richmond.  I’ve got her scheduled to take a hands-on class with some of the best Redken educators.  This is how we do it!

As for the other individual into whom I daily pour my heart, ol’ Benny Boo just never ceases to amaze me.  Now and again I get asked, “So what new words is he saying now?”  Well, at this point, it’s whatever you tell him to say!  He’s totally confident attempting to say anything (like when I asked him to say, “Mommy dominates,” during Killer Solitaire the other night… he nailed it).  And while Bennett still claims that ‘milk’ is ‘nook,’ we’ve reached an ease in our communication that supports a peaceful and respectful environment.

Both yesterday and today, I had the opportunity to bring him in tow with me to Three Lil Monkeys.  Facebook followers are being given 60% off their purchases right now with 75% off an item of your choice.  I’ve accumulated some consignment credit, so I went hog wild.  Twice.  Reason being: the deals were so good that I didn’t use up my credit on the first try, so I went back for more.  In the very near future, Three Lil Monkeys will be transitioning to an online consignment shop, be able to serve more individuals, and it sounds like there will be more benefits to the consigners than what they were able to offer in the store.  Looking forward to seeing the new set up!

Brian felt like indulging in some hibachi grill goodness, so we settled into Otani next door.  Bennett ate: miso soup, salad with ginger dressing, sashimi (red tuna), cooked veggies, fried rice, steak, egg, noodles and cucumber.  But this is how he wanted to drink his water… through a chopstick:

Not your average chopstick.

Why not?

This weekend I had the pleasure of helping out a client who had received an Ambush Makeover from the Today show!  While I loved what they did (she helped me find the online video), at the end of the day, my client just didn’t feel comfortable in her skin.  It’s so important to feel like yourself and I was honored to undo Kathie Lee and Hoda’s makeover!

How neat!

This summer has been unusually glorious in weather, hasn’t it?  Unfortunately for the heating and A/C business for whom Brian now works… how do I put this delicately…?  Um, not enough systems are needing serviced right now!  It hasn’t been hot enough to distress them!  And while I’m not complaining about the beautiful summer we’ve had… Just let me know if you need your heating and A/C looked at, eh?

And in other news, my bedroom has turned into the “bedroom garage.”  No, seriously.  My garage is being taken over and turned into a fabulous salon.  So even though we have a little shed and some items in storage, some items have migrated into our home and especially into our bedroom.  As I type here in my bed, I’m laying my eyes on the two bikes that are hanging from my ceiling, the upright freezer (that’s right, in my bedroom) is to my left and my printer sits on top of it.  I have to step on the desk chair to reach it.  Because, oh yeah, there’s a desk next to the freezer.  I’m not even sure if IKEA could help me now!

Not complaining.  At least I have a bike… and a freezer… and a printer for which I am thankful.  Right?

So did you see my new color ‘do?  I call it “rose gold” as there’s a hint of smokey pink mixed in there.  So fun.  Couldn’t have done it without Corinne.  There’s quite the mixture of dimension in there depending on where the hair is parted.  Sometimes you see more strawberry, sometimes more blush…  Now I’m just itching to grow this hair because I want rose gold hair EVERYWHERE!  Change is good.  Both Brian and Bennett haven’t flinched over this one.

If you’ve ever seen a child flip out over the fear of getting a hair cut, welcome to our completely abnormal world where haircuts are requested – at a minimum – every other day:

Video side notes:

  • I wish I had used the word “well” instead of “good” in reference to Bennett’s dancing.  *cringe*
  • His shirt and orange Puma sneakers came from Three Lil Monkeys and I LOVE THEM.
  • Bennett loves any song that includes some “oooOOOooOOooo.”  And this doesn’t say much for mainstream Christian music and the shallow pool of inspiration from which it seems produced, but we hear lots of songs like these that perk his ears.  Typically he’s constantly singing along.  And dancing (which typically looks like a pivoting foot stomp).

Haircolor side notes: My hair was pre-lightened with Redken Fusion’s high lift color and then toned with their Shades EQ line (a combination of 4 colors that make up my “rose gold”).  It always looks worse before it looks better folks!  Here’s what had to happen before the magic could take place:

Image 4 Image 5

For those of you who say I can look good in anything… Nope.  That lovely shade is what we colorists like to call “bl’orange” (ahem, blonde + orange) and it ain’t pretty!

One last thing, I read this article about two spaces after a period being the incorrect thing to do and now I’m feeling utterly haunted.  Opinions?


  1. August 24, 2014

    yep, the two spaces no longer required has thrown me for a loop … love reading/seeing this update on everything!!!

  2. August 24, 2014

    I still do two spaces. They can’t tell me what to do. 😉

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