Goals and jobs.

Just last week, I began reading a book on busyness.  My hope is to glean a good bit of wisdom regarding time management and priorities.  It’s quite possible that I’m over-estimating how much extra time I’ll have available once I become a “part-time” blogger.

Off the top of my head, with my new “free” time, I want to:

  • learn how to garden.
  • read a few specific books.
  • become efficient at make-ahead, freezer-to-crockpot meals.
  • learn how to bake bread.
  • completely overhaul our finances and get OUT. OF. DEBT.
  • spend more quality time with Brian.
  • walk Esther more routinely.
  • be intentional about nightly food prep.
  • pick up after myself (and my guys) at the end of the day (until they both get good at that themselves!).
  • realize what day it is and send out birthday cards that aren’t belated.
  • visit with family more often.
  • learn how to sell our junk online and get over my disdain for taking trips to the post office.
  • spend time with Joey & Caitlin pre-and-post babies, offering my meticulous and well-researched advice all while trying to be breezy and the exact opposite of pushy.
  • get outside with Bennett.
  • learn about the family-friendly resources & activities available to us in this neighborhood.
  • go to bed earlier.

Talk about being overly zealous, right?!  Square Piece is the queen of unreasonable expectations.  Just ask Brian.

Speaking of Brian, in a couple of months, he’ll no longer be working for the church.  I suppose that when we were a portable church, what my husband brought to the table was highly appreciated.  He’s not one to shy away from hard, physical and inconvenient work, he’s a people-pleaser and he’s THE BEST at “putting out fires” so to speak.  But now that we’ve got the stability of a church building, the physical, maintenance-type work isn’t quite as sought after, while the office-y, finance-y stuff is more important.  Not exactly Brian’s strongest suit.

We have no idea what the Lord has for us in these coming months.  Brian’s been slowly selling off his landscaping equipment over the last year, so it’s unlikely that he’ll fall back to that.  And while he’s not too proud to go back to selling cars, I’m personally hoping that my husband explores a few more options just to see if he’s got a good knack for anything else (and possibly something a bit more stable).

While we are not stressed about or afraid of this transition, we really don’t know how this is going to upheave our schedule (you know… different work hours, who will pick up Bennett from day care?  Will Brian still get that one father/son day a week?  Etc.)  Additionally, our health insurance has come through the church, so we’ve got to explore our options there, too.  Bleh.

I suppose that perhaps I should have tacked that onto my ever-growing to-do list, huh?

Please contact me if you have an instinct about a good employment opportunity for my husband!  Thanks in advance!


  1. December 28, 2013

    Looking forward to seeing how all of this comes together … especially the job for Brian.

  2. December 28, 2013
    Megan Harris

    I love your list. I’ll take any and all tips you learn about that freezer to crockpot bit.
    And, really, what is it about the post office? I avoid it like the plague and I can’t figure out why!

  3. December 31, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    Lots of changes ahead. I know that the Lord will reveal His will for you all so long as your searching for it. I will be praying for you all. I always do. <3

  4. December 31, 2013

    Having some OCD, I would feel I had to do everything on this list and would therefore prioritize so more important were at top and list in decreasing order. Just a thought.

    I will certainly keep my eyes and ears open for job opportunities for Brian and wish him an easy search ending in something even more fulfilling than his previous position.

    Sending love,


    • Oh, if I took the time to rearrange the list in order of priority, then I’d really feel chained to it. No, these are just off the cuff. If I got more intentional, it’d surely be twice as long!

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