God is a square piece.

Being that tomorrow is Friday, I’ll most likely be posting another “Having Known For…” kind of a post.  It’s my thing these days.

That said, I’ve been hitting you up with baby news for a while now, so why don’t we switch it up for a second?

This past Sunday at church, while listening to the sermon, my husband leaned over and whispered in my ear, “God is a square piece.”


Immediately I jotted this down, not wanting to forget the connection that he was making.  Our pastor made mention of the fact that God specifically has spelled out ways in which we are to obey Him in His word, the Bible.  And if you’re familiar with Jesus’ words, “If you love me, you will obey me,” then it makes sense that God is specific about the manner in which he wants your love.  In the Bible, it’s obvious that talk is cheap, and that God expects specific, outward evidence of our professed love… a notion that Brian understands all too well.

…Trying to figure out if I should elaborate on that one…


I’m not going to pound this one in today.  If you get it, you get it.  If not, perhaps go back to the Bible and read Romans chapter 12.  It talks about not living your life for yourself, but as a daily, selfless commitment to God.  Towards the end it spells out the sort of behavior you should see from true Christians (not just people who claim that they’re Christians).

But that’s just a teeny snippet.  There’s so much more good stuff in there.

The point I’m trying to make, the point that’s going to bring me cheer from time to time is that God is a square piece.  I might not get Him all the time; but He totally gets me.  And I like having Him in my camp.  I like that He’s specific.  I like that I don’t have to wonder if I’m being good enough or pleasing enough or perfect enough or holy enough… ’cause His formula has already been specifically covered in His word (and, surprisingly, that formula doesn’t have anything to do with my good deeds outweighing my bad deeds)!

Thank you, Lord, for loving us with the kind of love that communicates clearly, offering assurance coupled with peace.

(If you forgot what a square piece is, remind yourself here.)


  1. May 24, 2012

    I like this … I especially like that Brian noticed it and pointed it out to you. 🙂

  2. May 24, 2012
    charles armstrong

    I always went for the LARGEST piece.

  3. May 24, 2012

    We’re going through the series, Not. A. Fan. and this reminded me of the pastor’s quote in his prayer room “I Die Daily.” By dying daily we can show our obedience and love to our God.
    Enjoying your insights and thoughts.

  4. May 24, 2012
    Heather F

    Wonderful…may just have to go back and read Romans 12 and refresh myself….I need lots of refreshing.

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