Grown up changes.

I’ve got to let some things go and usher in a new lifestyle.

Change #1) I might not be able to decorate for Christmas as early as I used to.  Most of my friends and family are getting a kick out watching me squirm as I justify my lack of festive decor.  Brian’s been conveniently forgetting to haul in the Christmas boxes from the garage and I’m conveniently avoiding reminding him.  In all honesty, I usually get really sneezy and funky from the dust that’s been collected over the months.  Probably best for Bennett and I to put that off for now.

Change #2) My strict candy cane theme might need to be put on hold to make way for a more family friendly Christmas tree (as in colorful ORNAMENTS, not colorful LIGHTS).  Eventually Bennett will be coming home with his own homemade crafts for the tree, so I think I need to happily embrace the change now so that he doesn’t have any memory of me mourning the loss of my OCD Christmas.

That said, I remember stringing popcorn for garland when I was a child and I can definitely envision some new, adorable traditions.

Change #3) Brian has to encourage me to and remind me to shower.

Change #4) My mom and I are pretty different when it comes to image maintenance.  My clients are usually surprised to hear that she really isn’t a frou-frou, trend-seeking, catalog-surfing woman.  My life as a hairstylist did not naturally branch off from an upbringing with parents who especially valued appearance above all.  No, my mom keeps it very simple and never intentionally puts herself together with the hope to stand out the most.  Momma doesn’t flaunt a darn thing.  As I’ve described it to my clients, Momma might wear lipstick and she might wear mascara… But she might not wear them at the same time.

Well, these days Momma and I have more in common as those pieces have become my only go-to cosmetics and, surprisingly, I don’t necessarily wear them at the same time either!

Change #5) I’ve learned how to use humidifiers, gas drops and saline drops.  I’ve also learned how to use each of them with just one hand.  In fact, I’m relearning how to live life one-handed pretty much everywhere.



  1. December 3, 2012

    I think I found a tube of lipstick in the bathroom drawer the other day …. pretty sure the mascara dried up a looooong time ago. I’m glad you are embracing changes … either way, you will always stand out to me.

  2. December 3, 2012

    Welcome to true adulthood. LOL. No realistic woman is dolled up all the time. 😛 I’ll take my comfy jeans and slippers with no makeup to Walmart any day of the week. 😛

  3. December 3, 2012

    My four staples are: wrinkle cream, undereye cover,
    blush and BeautiControl handcream. All good for any age and skin type.

    I’m sure you, with no makeup, still look 90% better than the general population. Do not worry.

    The shower, however, I cannot miss. Wakes me up
    in the morning. It’s my ten minute health tonic.

  4. December 5, 2012

    Hey welcome to my world. Prioritizing. Love the beauticontrol part!!! My mission in life is to see how little I can use. How quick I can apply it and how much time and money I can save all at the Same time.
    Love your writing! Has Bennett tried our new baby line?

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