Having Known For 23 Weeks / At Week 29

Emotional: You can come out from hiding now.  The insane mood swings seem to be under control for the moment.  

I’ve been asked several times, “So, are you going to take any time off before the baby?”

No.  There’s nowhere I’d rather be than home right now.  It’s safe to say that the “nesting phase” has commenced.  Nothing is more satisfying that going through a room or a closet and tossing stuff out.  Gotta make room for baby goodies!

Spiritual: I’ve said this before, I’ll say it a million times: There’s nothing like your husband coming alongside and praying with you.  Whether he’s feeling the stress or I’m feeling the stress, nothing makes me feel more like we’re on the same team than joining hearts and minds and petitioning our Lord for His will and His good.

Mental: You know when you’re mid-sentence and you can’t think of a word and you say, “It’ll come to me tonight”?

Words I meant to think of this week that have finally come to me:

Oh, shoot.  I can’t think of them now.  But I had ’em a minute ago.

You know how much I like the game Scramble?  It’s become increasingly more challenging in this last week.

Physical: One client asked me this week, “So, do you feel pregnant?”

I hesitantly replied, “Yes…  But I didn’t expect ‘feeling pregnant’ to have so much to do with my feet and legs.”

That said, the support hose that I purchased on Monday are AMAZING.

When I got these hose, I recalled the countless times I’ve heard women bemoan how tight support hose are, how hot support hose are and how inconvenient support hose are.  I fully expected it to be a struggle to get them beyond the knees and past the hips.

I did not expect it to be nearly impossible to get them Onto. My. FOOT.  Seriously.

Dude, support hose are no joke.  I’ve timed myself every time and have yet to beat my four minute struggle to get them on (feet, calves, knees, hips…  doesn’t matter…  they’re equally challenging).  Yesterday, in fact, I called for Brian to come “watch me” get them on.  Assuring him that this would indeed be entertaining, I also explained, “You know, you need to see this.  Eventually I’m not going to be able to reach my feet and you’re going to have to get them on for me.”

By the end of the four minutes, my breathing is usually slightly more labored and I’m in a full sweat.

But!  They.  Feel.  Glorious!  (Once they’re on, that is.)  My feet and legs haven’t been this happy in weeks, perhaps months.

Oh, and I haven’t had a charley horse since last Friday.  That said, I’ve become a much lighter sleeper, waking up every so often and shaking my feet about.  There’s something about my calves in the nighttime…  It’s hard to explain the feeling, but it’s like they’re just waiting to betray me, waiting to seize up if I make one wrong move.

In other physical news, I know that Bennett is growing because I feel him so much more!  At my doctor’s appointment on Monday, my belly measured to be 28 centimeters (they like for that to correspond approximately to the amount of weeks that you’re pregnant).

All in all, this has been a great week.


  1. August 10, 2012

    Wonderful news about the support hose. I’m so glad you were able to get some relief from the charley horses.

  2. August 10, 2012
    margaret treadwell

    I remember that “almost a charley horse” feeling…don’t worry, it goes away the day you deliver!

  3. August 10, 2012

    Unfortunately, I must disagree with Ms. Treadwell. I continue to have a ‘charley horse’ problem to this day.

    Like you, Suzanna, mine occur primarily at night. I think it is because you keep your legs in one position if you’re a sound sleeper. My only cure is to get up and walk, disregarding the pain.

  4. August 13, 2012

    I’m diggin’ the spiritual note in this. I think that’s awesome. You both have come a long way. To God be the glory for it!

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