Having Known For 25 Weeks / At Week 31.

Physical & Mental & Spiritual & Emotional:  Folks, they’re all the same today.

I.  Am.  So.  Tired.

So, so, so, so tired.

This week marks the greatest resurgence of exhaustion since the first trimester when I was taking morning naps.

It began on Sunday when I had a hard time staying awake through the sermon at church.  This is no fault of the pastor’s.  It couldn’t have been helped.  After church, I laid down for a nap before dressing for my tea party baby shower.  For the first time ever, I noticed that it took my left eye a disturbingly long time to un-blur.

Bennett, however, does not seem tired whatsoever.  He moved ALLLLLLLL day on Monday.  All day.  His movements are definitely stronger and I’m starting to feel him all the way into my ribs!  (Bennett likely weights 3.5 pounds, give or take a few ounces.)  After interviewing a pediatrician that morning, I came home to lay on the couch and write thank you cards.  Naturally, I fell asleep so the cards aren’t in the mail yet.

Later that same day, I attempted to walk my dog on one of my normal circuits.  We’re in walking distance to the church (where Brian works), so I figured Esther and I could give my hubby a quick hello and then head back.  Well, the quick hello turned into a long hello where I defeatedly ended up asking Brian to drive us back.  With just the smallest amount of exertion or the slightest quickening of pace, I’ve noticed myself becoming short of breath.  From what I’m reading, my expanding uterus is pressing up against the diaphragm and crowding the lungs; so while this isn’t uncommon at this stage in pregnancy, it definitely affects every aspect of life.  Square Piece feels like a slug when she’s laboring harder to breathe.

That evening, Brian and I finished our twelfth and final Bradley Method class.  It has been such an enjoyable experience learning more about pregnancy, health, labor, delivery, history, options and possible interventions!  I’m always open to engaging in these conversations if you feel so inclined!  And I think I can speak for Brian when I say that he would, too.  We’d both eagerly recommend taking this course if you’re pregnant, no matter how many children you’ve already had.

Bennett finally seemed to be resting in the womb on Tuesday morning.  Considering my exhaustion, I was a little relieved.  This, however, did not stop Brian from jiggling my belly and shouting, “Bennett!  Wake up!  It’s your daddy!  I love you, Bennett!  Give me a high five!”  A few seconds later, Bennett awoke and I dragged myself through the rest of the day… and week.

Everything is a blur.


  1. August 24, 2012

    So sorry my dear. Sounds like your schedule just might be overwhelming. You can’t even totally relax on the weekends. I know you love church and showers, but you need time for doing NOTHING. This is the curse of those of us who will always find something requiring our attention, but maybe as a tribute to Bennett, you could cut yourself a break. Hope next week is better, for sure.

  2. August 24, 2012

    Charley and I read this together this morning while he was having his treatment. 🙂 We both laughed at Brian waking up Bennett. 🙂 And, I said, “he’s gonna be an awesome dad.” 🙂

    You will learn to pace yourself so that you don’t overdo … I hope you had/have a restful evening and weekend.

  3. August 25, 2012

    Awwww. You’re almost there Sue! Hang in there just a bit longer! You think you’re tired now, wait until he’s actually OUT of your womb. 8-/

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