Having Known For… The Six Month Reflection, Part 1.

Remember that little habit I had during my pregnancy?  You know, the one where I’d do a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual update with each passing week?  Well, being the my little Bennett is turning six months old tomorrow, it seems fitting to brief you once again now that I have some distance and perspective.

If you read even a few of the pregnancy updates, you could hardly call me bashful with all of the embarrassing details that I so candidly expressed back then.  This will be no different.  However, I’d like to pace myself and reallllllllly mull over each of the four updates being that so much has changed.

So why don’t we start with the emotional update today?

Do you like jam?  Or pudding?  Or that creme that so deliciously fills those eclair donuts?

Well, for me it’s jam, especially strawberry jam, that makes me giddy.  It’s sweet, fruity, delicious…  You can enjoy it with a PB&J or warm it up and drizzle it over ice cream.  You can stuff it in a Pillsbury crescent roll or slap it on a Flipside cracker.

Mmmm mmmm.

So here’s what my life is like now:

It’s sugary sweet.  It’s sticky, oozy-gooey sweetness dripping with extra sweetness.

It’s as if I had been warming four vats of jam on the stove when all of a sudden the lids burst off and covered both me and the entire kitchen in silly, strawberry goo.  Conveniently in this scenario, there isn’t a towel, a dishcloth, a rag, a mop or a tissue to be found.  So clearly the only solution that I can come up with to manage the chaos is to lick allllllllll of that strawberry jam off of my fingers, my arms, my sleeves, my walls, my countertops, my ceiling, my stovetop and so on.

So, yeah, “technically” it’s work.  But it’s so daggone sweet and satisfying that I can hardly tell that I’m exerting myself what with all the grinning, gulping and lip-smacking going on.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Emotionally, I couldn’t be more content, more at peace, more satisfied with the gift I’ve been given.  Any amount of energy that I expend is paid back triple-fold with a most rewarding joy.


  1. April 27, 2013

    Interesting vision of you lapping strawberry jam off the cabinet top.

  2. April 27, 2013

    May the overwhelming wonder and love of the last sixth months contine to embrace you for the rest of your life. And, may you have the benefit of ‘tools’ to assist you with ‘clean up’ as you age. You will ultimately need them

  3. April 30, 2013

    <3 He indeed is the sweetest babe ever. <3

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