Highway Trash.

Last night, Brian and I had the surprising pleasure of attending the Connor Cures Inaugural Gala in D.C.  Typically, if one was attending a gala, it wouldn’t be a surprise, but rather a planned night out.  In our case, however, seats were confirmed available to us with about 24 hours left to secure babysitting for the night.  I’m looking forward to sharing all of the pictures and details of the evening, but being as I got in so late last night, I’m going to need more time to process.

In the meantime, let’s discuss this picture, shall we?


What’s going on here?  What. Is. Going.  ON?!

In taking my exit to get home the other day, I reached the red light at the top of the ramp, looked to my left and saw this filth and litter.

Now, I’m assuming that anyone who is old enough to drive ought to be old enough to think more intelligible thoughts than, “Hmm.  I’m done with this.  I guess there’s nothing left to do but to toss it out the window.


Except for apple cores, of course.  Those can always go out the window.  And probably pear cores, too…  And for the sake of not incriminating myself, let’s just leave chewed gum out of the equation.

But when it comes to everything else that I don’t use…

Seriously, I just wanna sneak around, find the offenders and slap an “I Fill Your Life With Trash” bumper sticker on their cars!

Come on, guys!  I’m not asking ya to save your scraps for the trash can for the fear of impending warming or cooling.  We’re not environmental experts here in the Square Piece household.  But we do appreciate beauty, especially natural beauty, especially the kind that doesn’t need to be improved upon, but just maintained.

I am confident that I’m preachin’ to the choir.  Square Piece readers are surely always on their best behavior.  *wink*

Except for peach pits…


  1. September 22, 2013

    Love the bumper sticker idea!

  2. September 22, 2013

    I remember being on the forefront of “Give a hoot.. Don’t pollute (spelling?)” Do we need to get the Owl? We will if we have to folks!

  3. September 23, 2013

    do cars not come equipped with ash trays any more?

    it seems just as easy to toss one’s trash into a receptacle in the as as out the window, but i’ve noticed that there are, unfortunately, people out there who really don’t care about the fact that not only are they breaking the law, but leaving a trail of unpleasantmess behind them

  4. September 23, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    I only throw banana peels out the window now. We should come up with a bumper sticker about people’s “butts”. bah ha ha.

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