Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby.

That just happened yesterday.

I want to say, “WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY TELL ME?!”  But the thing is, somebody DID tell me and it just took me over a year to finally hunt one down.

For all that Northern Virginia has to offer, it does not have a Hobby Lobby.  But you know who does?  Winchester does.  And you know what else is in Winchester?  Dr. Betsy.

Given the fact that I’ve nearly scratched my skin off due to this pesky sun poisoning, I decided that it was time to check out my “which doctor’s” new office and get fixed up.  I’ll elaborate more on that soon, but suffice it to say, I have high hopes that the constant itchiness will soon be subsiding and give way to happy skin again.

But back to Hobby Lobby.  Holy smokes!  If you’ve ever enjoyed perusing a craft store, a party store, HomeGoods and the special holiday aisles at Target, then you’ll get alllllllll that rolled into ONE at Hobby Lobby!

It’s genius.

I can’t wait to hang my two new carrot baskets on my wall come next Easter.  At 80% off, not only was I able to score some wall decor, but I got a couple of pillows for the couch, too!  Wahoo!


  1. July 23, 2013

    Anything that gets you in my neck of the woods more often is a plus for me. 🙂

  2. July 23, 2013

    They’re putting one in Leesburg right across from the outlets!!!

  3. July 23, 2013

    they just recently started putting them here in the PNW, and if you sign up for the weekly coupons, you can totally score

  4. July 23, 2013

    Love Hobby Lobby! Sign up for their email and you’ll receive a 40% off coupon each week.

  5. July 23, 2013

    Weekly coupons are awesome. 40% off of any one item not on sale. To get them just go to there website and find the weekly coupon link. It’s really easy to find on the mobile site and you just have to show them your phone so they can get the code. No printing necessary.

  6. July 23, 2013

    If what Chelsea says is true……….. Oh my!!!
    Suzy…anytime you want to go, call me!!! No one will go with me 🙁 I have been to a couple other Hobby Lobby’s but not in Winchester.

  7. July 29, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    Now you have me curious. I haven’t been in a Hobby Lobby in a long time. I wonder….

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