How Long.

So a certain album goes live to the digital world today.  Our bud, Bradley Hathaway, just released How Long.  This is an appropriately named album since 1) it’s been a while since he’s put out an album and 2) How Long is Brian’s favorite song on the album.  (Personally, I’m partial to the following song, Courthouse.)

What do I like about Bradley’s style?

Well, the acoustic guitar strumming and the occasional harmonies make me feel all kinds of sleepy and dreamy.  So dreamy, in fact, are the instrumentals that it’s easy to miss how simple, raw and painfully honest the lyrics can be at times.  No, Bradley doesn’t shy away from awkward or tragic subject matter, nevertheless I’m never left with a feeling of hopelessness.  Just as sure as I am that Bradley’s breathing real life deep into his lungs, he’s sharing that gift with us through his careful, poetic and rhythmic real life pictures.  I can almost see his words skipping and dancing, sometimes strolling, along.

Check him out on bandcamp here.  The album is also available on iTunes.

Bradley Hathaway How Long

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  1. November 11, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    I’ll have to pick up the album when I find it.

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