I lint roll myself in public.

Have you ever noticed that hairstylists wear a lot of black?  It’s not required at my salon, but today is a good day for a black ensemble.  First, it’s raining.  Second, my black jeans don’t drag the ground.  Third, my black shirt doesn’t require an armpit shaving today (which gives me exactly one more minute to blog).

So the Square Piece question of the day is:  Have you ever noticed a predictable pattern of behavior in somebody else’s life that you find sad or amusing?  When I was a little girl, I rode bus 777 to school.  Steve Stephenson was my bus driver.  There was always a point in our morning when we had to linger in a shopping center parking lot and kill some time.  Every single morning a man would drive up and park in about the same spot.  Then, every single morning, the man would walk away from his car and then back to his car.  Then away from his car.  Then back to his car.  Then away from his car.  Then back to his car.  He obsessively checked inside of it, under it, around it…  I don’t believe that this man knew he was being watched, but we were ever so enthralled by his amusing and obsessive tendencies.

And now I know how he feels.  Not about the car!  Heavens no.  My predictable pattern is my obsession over pet hair removal.

The problem with black ensembles is that I own two cats and two dogs.  The solution is that I always have a lint roller in my car.  I’m sure everyone at the gym has picked up on this habit of mine.  That’s right.  I’m the redhead that rolls into the parking lot in an aqua, jellybean car and then, upon exiting the jellybean, stands beside her door and lint rolls herself for a minute.  Every.  Time.  It’s ever so predictable.  And while I fully acknowledge that bending over and lint rolling myself in the Gold’s Gym parking lot looks a little silly, SO DOES having cat hair dangle from my tushy while I’ve got my serious face on, blazing a trail up an inclined treadmill.  (Please enjoy That’s just my face.)

Do you have any embarrassing and predictable patterns of behavior that take place in public?



  1. September 8, 2011

    ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  2. September 8, 2011
    Mary Kaye

    I talk to myself and sometimes I even respond to me.

  3. September 13, 2011

    Ha ha. I feel like I always double check everything. Locked doors, shut windows, coffee pot is off, etc…. I think that I got that from mom. I don’t knock on the door 3 times before I leave the house or anything but… yeah…I definitely have my quirks. 😛

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