I might have a lip obsession, part 3.

The great debate: Do I bum around on my day off or do I get ready like any other day of the week?

Generally my preference is to look like a hobo.  Alas, hobos don’t get much customer service when they’re Christmas shopping.  So rather than putting off my blow dry for one more day, I sucked it up and got clean.

But I had anther incentive to look presentable on my day off.  I wanted to take a couple pics for Square Piece!  There are two stories that I want to tell you about: 1) a story about a very special scarf with the history that leads up to my knitting tattoo and 2) a story about a rare and special necklace that was recently gifted to me.  Naturally, we need pictures of both to help the stories along; so it behooves me to not have a hairstyle that’s five days old.

Then I figured, Since I’m having such a good hair day, why don’t I do another lip obsession shoot?

I opted for red lips for a couple of reasons: 1) The new necklace that I wore has some red in it.  Coordination, my friends.  (And, of course, I wore my red shoes.)  And  2) I’m wearing a gray tee.  Sometimes the color gray makes me look like I was up all night vomiting.  I’d rather look healthy.  Bright, red lips counteract the dull gray.  (Q: Why wear gray at all?  A: ‘Cause the necklace is so extreme, it needed a plain backdrop.)

Natural lips (with vampire-white skin… Hmm… That could be a Crayola color!):

Red lipstick:

The difference between red lipstick and red lipstick layered with gold gloss:

Brian finding all of this very adorable:

The scarf that sets the stage for my knitting tattoo:

(We’ll get to the necklace soon.  One thing at a time.)



  1. December 13, 2011

    do we get a story to go with the scarf?

  2. December 14, 2011

    love that Brian finds all of this adorable

    you two are such a cute couple

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