Interview with Bradley, Part 2.

Taking advantage of Bradley’s presence in our house, I decided to pick his brain a little more and share the findings with you!  

Me: How old do you feel?

Bradley: I feel as old as I am, 30.  Thirty feels amazing and free and I wish I was 30 a decade ago.

Me: Do you have any opinions about soggy bread?

Bradley: Can’t stand it. The thoughts and images even those words put into my head are uncomfortable, like how most women feel about the word “moist.”

Me: How many pairs of underwear should one person own?

Bradley: I think if you get over around 20, something weird is going on.  More pertinent is how long have you had the underwear you own.

Me: Care to elaborate?

Bradley: I’ve had my underwear way too long…it’s practically useless now.

Me: Having gotten familiar with The Husband Funnies, which do you relate to the most: The Mint Incident or The Jeans Incident?

Bradley: At my home, I pee outside numerous times a day but I don’t pee on things I intend to eat. Peeing outside is a gift from God.  As for wearing girl jeans, I’m perplexed how any man could not immediately tell the difference and find it hilarious that Brian didn’t put two and two together.

Me: What humbles you?

Bradley: My own failures and sins.

Me: When might you be angered to act on behalf of others?

Bradley: Interesting question. I don’t like those “What Would You Do” hidden camera type shows that put people in awkward situations to step in on people being bullied or something.  I guess for me it just depends on the situation but I honestly rarely interfere in the actions of others and some of life’s huge issues, like the sex trade or poverty stricken people being brutalized…it’s hard to know what really to do outside of getting angry.

Me: Why do you smell like grass?

To be continued…


  1. March 18, 2012

    ummmm, what kind of grass???

  2. March 18, 2012

    Donna……too funny.

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