Jogging a memory.

I have the worst memory ever.  EVER!

At least, it feels that way sometimes.

Looking back at childhood pictures can be helpful in bringing to remembrance a place, a moment, a pet, a toy.  But think for a minute.  Remember what you had for dinner last night?

Close your eyes and picture it.

Do you picture yourself – like, actually seeing your body seated – with a plate in front of you?  Or do you simply picture the plate itself from what was your view at the time?  I guess what I’m asking is does your memory show you life through your eyes?  Or is it from the lens of a cameraman who follows you around?

Personally, I remember life as seen through my own eyes.  So I thought it’d be fun (and potentially helpful one day) to capture Bennett’s world through his eyes.

Here’s what he sees every morning, first thing:

Here’s a couple looks around the crib from his vantage point:

The delightful orange, plastic bear (funny/adorable video here):

His view when we change his diaper:

Kinda boring view, huh?  I thought so, too.  Naturally, this needed a remedy.  No surface in this home is safe from my eagerness to educate!  What you see at the bottom of that pic is the underside of the closet shelf.  A few nights ago, I cut out some letters from old scrapbook paper.  Yesterday morning, Brian helped me to laminate them and to back them with velcro.

Yes.  It’s morning.  Brian’s shirt is both inside out and backwards.  But seriously, is there anything sexier than a man and a laminating machine?  (While I realize that this sounds sarcastic, I assure you it is not.)


Much better.

Now this is Bennett’s diaper changing view!I plan on buying some old children’s books at a thrift store and cutting up some more pics (shapes, colors, objects, Christmas trees, etc.) to swap out from time to time.

Neat-o, huh?!

(Feel free to pin any of these pics to remind yourself to create memories from someone else’s perspective or to share with your friends who have kiddos!)

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  1. February 17, 2013

    I just looooove the way you think. Man, that little guy is Sooooo lucky to have you for his momma! And Brian for his daddy!!!!!! Ps I see my memories through my eyes too. 😉

  2. February 17, 2013

    Bennett is going to love looking at these pictures as he grows up. Reading these story’s also.

  3. February 17, 2013

    I’m glad that you are able to be so creative considering the boring life you had growing up, LOL!!! And that, like the above comment about Brian’s garment, is not said with sarcasm. I really am glad that you are moving beyond all that I did and enjoying motherhood to the fullest extent. 🙂

  4. February 18, 2013

    Think Bennett will be able to enter school in Grade III or need individualized assignments. Will know all I and II have to offer by age 3. You are so cute! The world from baby’s angle would be an adorable children’s book….in your spare time.

  5. February 18, 2013

    You are a genius! We need to patent your idea ASAP! lol. For real though, you may be the first to ever think of this. Nice work mom!

  6. February 19, 2013
    Joan Dedman

    Brilliant!! Really clever idea!

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