Library success, coffee disaster.

Though Saturdays are typically our designated “family day,” there’s been so much work to do with the church transition that Brian’s been having to make up all of his lawn mowing at the end of the week.  Bummer.

So on Friday night, Solo, Responsible Square Piece was scouring the net, trying to find something interesting to do with Bennett on Saturday afternoon.  Recalling the way that Momma used to take me to the library as a child, I noticed that our county libraries offer several, free baby story times.


Image 28

Image 25Well, Bennett had a ball (literally and figuratively).  The hour began with several songs, complete with cheerful motions and signs.  We all read a book together, sang some more and then busted out the toys for playtime.  Within the first five minutes, Bennett had lost interest in hanging back with me and began cruising and crawling towards the front, stopping to flirt with the adults and to study their babies.  ‘Twas an adorable hour, for sure.

Not quite ready to go home after the story time and honing in on a good spot to feed the babe, I opted for a local Starbucks.  You know my drill.  Acting nonchalant with a hot beverage in hand makes breastfeeding seem a little less out of place.  Bennett and I made our way through the line while some nice strangers watched the diaper bag that I had placed on the last cushy seat available.

I should have known that these women were from Michigan, what with the way the two of them so easily carried on conversation and gushed over my Benny Boo.

The younger one, Liz, was pregnant herself, due any day now.  The other, I’m assuming Liz’s mom, seemed equally thrilled to discuss all things baby.  They sat across from me while a quiet, working man sat to my left.  There I was, carrying on about the need to order your beverages “extra hot” when you have a baby, about to whip out the squeeze pouch with the attachable spoon (hot tips, guys, hot tips), but as my fingers reached for Bennett’s food pouch, his fingers reached for my latte and it ended up ALLLLLLLLLLL over the floor.  Coffee everywhere.

And by everywhere, I mean… wow.  All FOUR adults acted swiftly to grab napkins and contain the spreading liquid.  I notified the Starbucks baristas that we’d probably need a mop, then promptly got back to napkin-ing the floor.  Being that the man to my left had gotten out of his seat to sop up my mess, I went over to his chair to clean the coffee that had been left beneath him.

One problem.

I was still holding Bennett, whose hands and fingers were still itching to reach out and grab everything.

Literally the second that we had gotten up all of my latte and someone had arrived with a mop, Bennett immediately knocked over this kind gentleman’s coffee, landing it in the exact same spot that mine had spilled, that spot being “everywhere.”  The only difference was that he scored more points with this one, spilling it down my leg and into my right shoe as well.

A lovely display for the soon-to-be mom, don’t you think?

Didn’t stop Liz from getting my number though.  *wink*  We mommas (& strangers) gotta stick together!

The crime scene, post-crime, coffee cups still abandoned:

Image 26


  1. August 11, 2013

    LOL, what a lovely introduction to “all things babies” while visiting Starbucks, indeed 🙂

  2. August 11, 2013
    Laura Stone

    awww. Well it seemed like you handled the coffee spillage well. Is that the star bucks near potbelly’s in Ashburn? They make a good latte if it is. Score for the free library reading. That might be added to my list. What time was the reading and which library?

  3. Oh man! I’m sorry your coffee spilled, but I’m glad your lil’ guy didn’t spill on himself and get burned! I was wincing a little and hoping that wasn’t the case…you know you’re a mom when you’re “relieved” about a coffee spill, right? 😉

  4. August 12, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    Oh goodness. What a coffee conundrum! LoL. I’m glad that you had a great time at the library. That’s really cool. 🙂

  5. August 13, 2013

    The best laid plans of mice and men and babies and women…… go awry. Sounds like you got out of this one as best as you possibly could. With a smile and new friends!

  6. August 13, 2013

    hot coffee notwithstanding, my brain was trying to visualize what an amazing bit of slapstick that whole coffee episode would have been if filmed.

    needless to say, i’m glad no one got burned

  7. August 15, 2013

    lol joys of being a momma. that would have made me LOL though.

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