Marriage advice.

A calm bride.  There is such a thing.  Have I witnessed it?  Yes.  Was I a calm bride?  Oh heavens, no.  The morning of my wedding day I woke up with a stress-induced rash on my face.  It wasn’t the details of the wedding that were stressing me out.  No, it was the enormity of the commitment that had me in a panic.

And if I had known how uncomfortable it would be to get used to  living with a man, how painfully compromising and frustrating it would be… well… I would have probably broken out in hives, boils and indigestion in addition to the rash.

Well, today my little bro, Joey, is going to walk down the aisle and say, “I do.”  (Truly a delight to celebrate with him! Can’t wait to share stories and pictures!)

So for my 101st post, it seems fitting to remind him, Caitlin and every other newlywed couple that men are different from women.  That concept might seem like a given, sure; but don’t underestimate the extent to how extreme this difference can be.  If you expect your spouse to be too similar to you, eventually you’ll need corrective surgery to fix all the damage that shock and horror has done to your face.  Learn from my lessons.

The differences (available in story format if you click on the green words):

  1. Women don’t pee on produce.  Men might.
  2. Women know what they have on.  Men might not.
  3. Women don’t fight zombies with cookware.  Men would be willing.

Or are these just my lessons?



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  1. September 25, 2011

    A ha ha ha!

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