McD’s flapjacks.

My face and shoulders hurt from laughing.

We just had some friends over for a riveting game of Scattegories.  (If you haven’t played this before, it’s a must.)  No, I didn’t win this time.  But the winner, our associate pastor, Hunter, had to resort to forcefully throwing a marshmallow on the kitchen floor before he could edge us out.  (It’s hard to explain, but in the moment, distinguishing whether or not a marshmallow could bounce was quite urgent.)

In other weekend highlights, I enjoyed my first McDonald’s breakfast in years.  All it took was seeing a picture of a McD’s flapjack before bed for me to wake up craving one.  Our power had gone out due to a storm the night before.  Being as I knew Brian would want a cup of coffee when he woke up, I saw this as an excellent excuse to head up the road and clog my arteries.  Apparently, everyone else who had lost power was also relying on McDonald’s to start their day.

While it wasn’t the swiftest transaction, I was utterly high on giddiness over this treat.  I wouldn’t recommend eating at McDonald’s every day, but, man, there’s just something about that place that makes me feel like a content little girl.  Whatever they put in their food had Bennett bouncing all over the place, too.

Sorry that this isn’t a more concise post.  Will try and make up for it tomorrow.


  1. July 1, 2012

    Scattegories is an awesome game. 🙂

    So … marshmallows bounce …. good to know, if we roll an “M”.

  2. July 2, 2012

    Ha! Wow…

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