Mid-weekend recap.

Thanks for understanding about yesterday.  Sometimes I just have to keep my priorities straight!  If I had pushed myself to get out a decent, lengthy and amusing post right on time, I probably wouldn’t have given myself enough rest to be alert on the drive home from Momma’s.  And, ya know, tired driving isn’t much better than drunk driving.

But we had a lovely time!  In spite of the fact that Bennett and I were in a “strange” place, the babe could still sense the same routine and slumbered well in his pack-n-play for the night and even for the morning nap!  Such a good baby.  It was nice catching up with the fam.  Being that I call Momma every day (or nearly every day), it’s a treat to have a face-to-face conversation once in a while.  And more than that, for as much as I am constantly smiling over Bennett, I smile just as much seeing other people gush over him, too.

Sugary sweet with maple syrup and cherries on top.  Sticky goodness.

Of course, Bennett wasn’t eating anything too sugary sweet in this picture.  No, that’s some corn, green bean, mix veg, garlic and liver concoction.  Think that’s gross?  Puh-shaw.  Look at that smile!


Momma verified that taking care of Esther is presently more taxing than taking care of Bennett.  The hound is beside herself with worry if I so much as use the bathroom and leave her in the living room.  Silly girl.  She has no idea how spoiled she is.

During our drive home yesterday, instead of my usual two rounds of “His Eye Is On the Sparrow,” the babe held on for a third before falling fast asleep.  I think he’s on to me.  What I wouldn’t give to hear him sing along to that particular song one day.

Brian seems to have had a good time at the men’s retreat.  He’s presently passed out on the couch after falling asleep on me twice mid-conversation.  Given the fact that he enjoyed the annual, physical game of football, he’s rather sore and wiped out.

Awww, shucks.  Poor Square Piece has a quiet house all to herself.  What do to… what to do… Mwa ha ha…


  1. November 10, 2013

    We had a lovely, busy visit. I slept good last night!!! LOL

  2. November 11, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    Sticky goodness, indeed! 🙂

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