Mile a Minute…

Welcome to the Mile A Minute thought processes of a Square Piece, post weekend:

Slow-cooked a potato soup this weekend.  Victory!  Must write down the last few steps.  Drat.  Should’ve measured my milk, cream and cheese before finally stirring it in.  Hmmmm, perhaps a tad too much white pepper, but… nahhhh.

OhMahGoodness!  Anthropologie’s website has been tweaked to help people Christmas shop according to their recipient’s lifestyle!  Geniuses.  Gift wrap?  Ornaments?!  God bless them.

Time to sort and organize the coupons.

Hope I can stick to this meal plan I’ve made for the week.  Never done that before.  So far, so good.


It seems that Bennett likely has an allergy to cats.  First there was the torso rash he was getting when Emma took to napping on his changing pad.  Then she slept on his scarf and the next thing I knew, the babe was completely irritated and broken out all over his neck, upper chest and upper back.  Looking for a home for Emma.  While I’ve posted nothing but painful truth about her in the past, it seems that she truly was holding a grudge over Samson’s presence all along.  Ever since his passing, she’s been completely friendly, curling up by my head, kneading (declawed) biscuits on anything and everything, enjoying being the solo feline once again.  She’s an older indoor/outdoor kitty.  Would you like an orange fur-ball in your life?  Please?

Wowzers, this is a gorgeous day!  Time travel must be possible, because I woke up in June!  …Except for all these fall leaves…



Wondering how much summer clothing is left on clearance in the baby departments.  Seems like a good time to stock up for the upcoming, warmer seasons.



Thinking it’s time to step up my game with outdoor decorations now that I’ve got a child.  Being that the only star of Bethlehem that’s catching my eye (ya know, ’cause I’d like to put one above the chimney) is one that’s meant for commercial use – that’s right, to illuminate an entire shopping complex – and being that it’s in the ballpark of a thousand bucks, I think I’ve gotta play it safe and wrap lights around our front tree… for now.

Though I sure would love to light up our entire street with such a jumbo star…


Babe’s asleep.  Time to clean up at warp speed!  Have a lovely week!


  1. November 19, 2013

    thanks for sharing that 🙂

    I love random thoughts 🙂

  2. November 20, 2013
    Aunt Manny

    EEEEEE! I know the feeling. A big star would be A-mazing! I love that I was one of your random thoughts. <3

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